22 July 2009

my mid-sem break!!

yes.. lastly my mid-sem break came..( actually, i wanted to write early about this, but some complication arose)

as usual, i must take away with me, books n my garments! wanna have a look my bookshelf? (wait until i upload the pix)

huh. many books ryte? why i took it? break is only means for rest n rest. no study for a while. huh. no way! 5-6 august there will b mid sem exam! huh (again!). nway, not all books i took away because there will b 5 of 9 subjects will be examined. account, quran hadith, english, microecon n biz math.. hah. study smart n hard. to get CGPA 3.5 above. amin..(amin too for me)

and.....for the first weekend, i've got the chance to 'makan angin'. rather than i just study n study until my focus suddenly 'fly'. huh. my family n i went to PD to have a doa selamat-feast. my grandaunt just move to her new house. then, i asked Jan (my housemate) where is her home. ow. actually, her home at Lukut. i've just passed thru there. near bandar springhills maybe. then, as usual. 'alang2' arrived at PD, lets have the beach's beautifulness at Tg. Tuan

as my weekend were so busy, how bout my weekday? lg sibuk agakye? yes, very busy. dont disturb me! hah, just kidding

monday- i went to AMN to have additional driving lesson for 4 hour. wah. it was good, better n best lesson. i able to do all part 2's-naik bukit, masuk belok n 3 penjuru- yes. ske2. n the most i like was drive n drift with changing my gear from 1>2>3>4 at part 3-road! ekeke. lastly, cikgu faiz told me from his observation, i will b able to pass JPJ test tmrw. insya-Allah.

tuesday-huh. bdebar2 nk test jpj ni. hope i'll do my best to get P. then, i took my turn number. ow. no 43 session 2 11am. huh. what i want to do? nasib ad NST mase uh. baca2 jp. but i cant calm my heart beats... ok.'kepada semua peserta sesi 2 test jpj, sila pergi ke pondok penguji jpj sekarang' .ah. bdebar! ok. no 43. sila ambik kereta anda. ok. i recited doa naik kenderaan n "rabbi yassir wala tu'asir".. press clutch n accelerator.. then brake at yellow lines. ok. raised my hand to give signal to JPJ officer, i'm ready to drive down the steep hill.. suddenly, guess what? my car reverse down the hill. ggrrr. how dare this car turn down ni? i appealed to him(jpj officer) to give me 1 chance. ow no.. "awak da angkt tgn td.." huh. dala mls nk bertekak ngn pkck uh. redha je la.. then, wt part 3-road. i passed this part.. bcz i like so much drive at road. ehehe.. n malas nk cte lg, i'll sit retest nxt week for part 2 only. part 2 ok? do ur best. dun over confident...

wednesday-i just got this laptop on this morning.. n i post this post la. lalala.. after this, i'll go to giant to buy some groceries for my 2nd house. OMG!

thursday-i'll go to KUMON to visit teacher mahiran and the centre. ehehe. da lame xg kumon. (last week, i just got a letter that there will be no more completer club, but a 'kind' of network will be established for increasing number of members)

friday-i'll go to AL-AMIN to visit all teachers.. n most importantly, we(who are we?) need to meet mlmh masyithah to ask her about our quran hadith that fully in arabic..

saturday n sunday- study la... xam nk dkt da....

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