31 January 2011

updating @ KLIA


Gggrr,, Shivering with 26 degree celcius..

for the 1st time, update at KLIA while waiting for the flight..

Currently, I am updating myself with current situations; riots at Egypt, heavy rainfall since yesterday

1. em. in the early morning, I received a message that situation at Egypt become more worse..

yeah. really2 worried. with the curfew, riots everywhere.. and Egyptian authorities blocked all communication lines, including denying internet access to 80 million people across the country and blocking text messages and mobile services.. 

that's why la many of my friends da lame x online kt fb tu. hope when the situation there is getting better and they can access the internet back, they will tell us what happen there actually...

and really hope that my friends there are in safe situation..

2. yesterday, with heavy rainfall, we went to a wedding reception at kajang - my cousin's wedding. and, i really buat2 lupa, that I have a 'disease' which is when i kena hujan, i will get headache and my nose will get sneezing all day.. 

so, when i woke up this morning to perform subuh, haaashhum! omg! i know the disease already come.. aaa. shivering with the cold water lg.. after subuh ingat nak rest2 je, sekali terlelap.. sebab rasa kepala berat kot.. but, with all courage that I have, bangun jgak la kan.. nak breakfast.. siap2kan beg.. hoho..

and, this morning too, i just received a message from our Pengarah Program Lawatan Industri for 1st year Account Students that our work paper already certified! yeay! and that's means we need to work back after this holiday end.. go for the next stage! hoho..

pray all the best for us! hope everything will run smoothly..

okay, need to have lunch.. *em, nak makan kat mana eh?

p/s: 1. for the 1st time again, my flight will be on night! dapat la tengok awan malam.. ratna said, "it's romantic!" haha..
2. it's still running! i mean my nose.. runny nose.. with red-itchy lg.. like clown kot!  =( tak nak demam! ubat tak bawa..

3. this post, kinda of updating myself yg tak sudah2.. hahaha..
4. while online here, shuz said she just arrived from US about 15mins ago.. arrive hall level 3, departure hall level 5.. ala, keciknye KLIA ni.. ehehe.

cheers! =) happy holiday

29 January 2011

Lili buat Najah, Man & Boy, The Imperfectionist

Okey. Disebabkan novel ini novel melayu, jadinya nak tulis dalam melayu jap.. ehehe

Sangat best novel ini.. saya bagi full star! hehe. ramai kawan da pinjam.. ada yang feeling habis. lagi sedap feeling bila pasang lagu "Glenn fredly- Sekali ini sahaja" fuh! Zai yang semangat kata lagu ni lagi sesuai daripada lagu "anuar zain - ketelusan hati" . serius semua pakat nak bluetooth lagu ni dari Athirah S.. hehe. sy pun terlibat dlm kerja meng'bluetooth' ni..

memang tak sangka ending novel ni mcm tu.. aaa! korang baca la! nak pinjam? okey. boleh je. saya macam jadi tenant novel di KK1 tu.. tp, saya xbaca masa tengah belajar ni. melainkan cuti sem! hah! baru syok.. tak ada kerja yang menganggu.. hehe

tapi, buat masa sekarang, aini tengah baca.. aiya! dia pun da start feeling. jangan salahkan saya okey! hehe..

okay. this time i will write in english. currently, I am reading this novel. It was recommended by athirah S.. haha.. tirah, don't tell at public what happen to this novel! hoho..

as it is a bestseller novel, so, I bet it is very interesting to read to.. it was such a research! hoho. okay! stop talking nonsense!

and, i'm addicted to MPH Online now. Searching for bestseller books available at MPH.. and it is 'the imperfectionist' novel by Tom rachman! em. i want to upload the picture of it. but it takes a long time.. just google for it okay! anyway, I hope for someone will present thsi for me! aigoo! =)

not forget, currently, my passion is on writing, reading and speaking in english. that's why all my posts are in english except the one at above! ehehe. and, i just took the challenge of my friend! hello! do you think you are the only one good on that? I can do it also! =)


p/s: besides english, i am in process of learning Thai language. sawadeekap, khao mok, khao sip, phoot thai mai dai, arai.. ngee~ learning is fun, right! cheers! *whoa, can you see how excited I am?*

26 January 2011

okayyy... i don't know what happen!


Guys3! I don't know what happen to me this week..

I already drafted in my mind what I want to post about my blog. Then, at night, with super adrenaline I have, I signed in at blogger and clicked 'new post'..

But... Suddenly the idea disappeared. OMG! I would like to cry.. Very sad.. Because the things that I want to post here is very interesting to share. 

Emm. I felt something wrong with this week. No3. I don't blame the faith actually. But I blamed myself! Owh. Can I be such an inspiring girl? Move forward, Mar! Don't let simple things messed you whole day!

With the toothache, problems that arose, stories that have been told.. owh. I knew, maybe, these made me to think that they are all about SPICES to spice my life. hot, sweet, bitter, sour.. aigoo..

Mummy! I want to go back home... =(  I miss my home already, my siblings, my family.. 

I thought yesterday (tuesday) was already thursday and today is friday! waa.. it is wednesday okay!

Owh.. Kinda of need to read motivational books. Anyone want to suggest or borrow me some kind of those book? 

Okayy. Done! After this, I'm gonna write something that is beneficial for you to read about. 

Mar, cheer up your life! Don't let surroundings ruin your day! =) 


23 January 2011


[i really mean it.... =(]


to those who i hurt you guys..

i have my reasons why i kept  messing you up, keep you in moody, not comfortable with me like i am a stranger and many more..

don't keep it silence because it doesn't solve the matter.

because i am a human, i have feelings too. sometimes i just left behind when you hurt me. i don't want to make situations become worst.

please tell me the truth.

whatever it is, I am trying and trying to be a good friend, daughter, girl even sometimes i messed up with crazy manner..

em. as what i know, girls have 99% of feeling and 1% of mind. that's why girls are kept thinking about others-friends and people around her..

okay, my dear. cheer up your day!

SMILE... =)

p/s: my teeth getting more hurt! i can't sleep yesterday..

22 January 2011

By Time

In the name of Allah the Most gracious and Most Merciful
1. By Al-'Asr (the time).
2. Verily! Man is in loss,
Salam. I already left my blog readers with no recent post for about a week. Pity on you. hehe. Okay2. This is update news that had happened around me. Jeng3... (suspense)

It is already stated in Noble Al-Quran in Surah Al-Asr. Allah already vowed with time. Didn't you consider it as the most important equity in your daily life? 

Without time, you might face your life as 'casually' (sambil lewa) as you want. And people might considered you as least responsible person and this bad habit can lead to a bad future. 

What did I mean by "bad future'? Let's say, when you are in career field soon, or in the nearest time - industrial attachment, you are needed to meet client as what your task need to. And, because you forgot to set your alarm clock to wake up in the morning or forgot about the appointment, the 1st impression of your client towards you will be bad. They will perceive you as a person who don't appreciate time wisely.

And, what made myself felt sad is he/she appeared an hour later. OMG! This is really terrible. At that time, I would feel moody or not interested anymore on that meeting. Or, if I don't think this appointment is such important, maybe I just go back home rather than waiting. 

Why not you look for Japanese style? They will appear 10-15 minutes early in a meeting. And what made I really proud is, the boss himself/herself comes early than his/her employee. They show good examples towards his/her subordinates. 

Em. In the future, maybe, I will set time of appointment an hour early than the exact meeting. Do you get me? Okay2. Let me explain. If the exact time of meeting is at 9 am, I will ask them to come at 8 am (assume that they don't know the exact time). And, I know, there must be certain people who will appear at 9 am or 10 minutes later.. ngeh3.. (hahaha. mcm jahat kan? tapi itulah hakikatnye)

Anyway, I always remind myself to be punctual as possible as I can. If not, I will SMS or call those who I need to have meeting with and tell them what is happened to me. So, please guys, do the same. Don't let people waiting for you like kera mahukan bunga (ahaha. Is it right? ). And, please, please, please, say SORRY if you are late.

Please remember, TIME IS SO PRECIOUS. It can't turn back. I hope you get the message here!

Okay, it's already 2.44 am, I need to pen off. Wanna sleep! Em. I don't have any meeting for this weekend! yeay! Let's have rest! =)


1. Currently, I'm working on proposal paper of industrial visit. It need to be approved by PIC next week.
2. And, I am in toothache for about a week already. I just made an appointment with dentist at HEP last tuesday and my turn will be on early march.. owhh! very sad.. until when i need to bertahan =( ?

12 January 2011

Selfish or selfless?

[selfish or selfless?]

When we are in a community it is means we need to be incorporated way;  formed or united into a whole.

Don't try to be a selfish - holding one’s self-interest as the standard for decision making in a group. Think about others. They have their opinion, let them give theirs too. Then, consider which decision, idea that can satisfy both parties. And, in this situation, because of our self-interest, we don't consider about others' feeling. 

Selfless - unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Yeah. It's good. We don't mind whatever decision that have been decided. But, my dear, sometimes it's hurt when you are in pretending to do so. Please. Do it sincerely as you can. And, when we are in a community, the way of just let someone decide the best decision for us, can be hurt and not. Just accept the faith. 

So, which way you like when you are in this situation? Selfish or Selfless? Think about it!


P/s: Sometimes we need to think about others' feeling more than we think about ours... but, who will think about ours, then? Answer: Give and take!

08 January 2011

MMP 86

Salam and Hi!

My favourite alphabets and numbers!

Hehe. What is it? Secreto!

Anyway, mine is not so superb as JHK 413, JGY 856, WJF 6426, BGU 6816, WRW 2392, WKH 5859, WLW 3184, WHG 3221, BKA 17 [cepat3. ngaku siapa punya semua ni..] and whatsoever students' INITIALS=TRANSPORT that are available at USIM tu... [well.. jangan ingat sy tak ingat number plate anda2 semua! kweng3]

Whatever it is, I'm proud to be the owner of MMP 86! ^_^


P/s: 1. Tirah [@ tira sobri.. haha =p], what is your initials?

05 January 2011

Ahaha! Hot issue in English class today!

"Women should stop working after marriage. Do you agree?"

Haha! That was HOT issue that had been discussed in my English class today!

As Miss Shuhada expected the guys to agree with this issue and vice versa for the girls, there are some boys who are disagree with that and vice versa..

Many points can be listed from this issue.

For those who are agree, they (boys, especially) told that:

1. They afraid that women will dominate their marriage. From what I've understood, they're expecting that their spouse will get good job and high salary than them, maybe. And, it will make the wife to 'ungkit2' that she is the one who support their family.

2. Women are expecting to take care of their family. If not, who will be? And it will encourage more social ills among their children in the future if there are no proper, enough care from the parents.

3.They will get envy or jealous when their spouse will expose to work surrounding in the future. Factors of male officemates, bosses, need to work oversea had affected the guys to think like that.

4. For women who can't work in the future, they can apply what they've learn at university to their family. For instance, a doctor (refer to this case) can treat their children at home, an accountant can help to manage her family financial management etc..

For those who are disagree, they have their opinions too as followed:

1. To fulfil their desire and of course, want to lighten their husband's burden.. And it should be to be a good wife!

2. To contribute to the country especially for those who had received scholarship from any institution..

3. To reduce unemployment! [haha. I like this point.. I knew we're FEM students!]

Okay. That's what I can list here. There are so many points actually..

My friend gave her opinion that we should discuss this thing early before enter the marriage world. Who knows that he will not allow you to work in the future and it's like you have choose the wrong partner! Aiya.. Susah jgak tu.. Discuss elok2 la ye.. It's small matter that should not get it more bigger.

And, sorry guys because I can't give my opinions in the class just now. Kinda of dizzy this morning. But I like this discussion! hehe. Okay. And this is my opinion..

I agree. and if you are so eager to work, why not you try to work at home, have online business etc. Apply what we've learnt. Ow. Kalau nak kerja sangat, kerja dulu for 5-6 years, then kahwin la.. After that, maybe you will feel that working is so boring, tired. You want to give full attention to your marriage and whatsoever.

And maybe I had adapted to my mom's situation who is housewife for 10 years and our life are so happy now.. Before this, my mom worked as a teacher. And she looked tired after go back from school at 7pm and she needed to cook, did so many housechores and we, my siblings still young at that time and we could not help her so much.. Budak2 kan, mana reti lagi.. hehe

So, whatever your opinions are, think about it, twice or thrice!

That's all! Adios..

P/s: 1. During lunch just now, we still can discuss about this.. Aiyaa.. So hot maaa..

2. Haha. My classmate (a guy) had declared just now that, "Who want to marry me, you should stop working!" haha... So funny.. Many reactions can be seen among us..

3. What is your opinion?