26 January 2011

okayyy... i don't know what happen!


Guys3! I don't know what happen to me this week..

I already drafted in my mind what I want to post about my blog. Then, at night, with super adrenaline I have, I signed in at blogger and clicked 'new post'..

But... Suddenly the idea disappeared. OMG! I would like to cry.. Very sad.. Because the things that I want to post here is very interesting to share. 

Emm. I felt something wrong with this week. No3. I don't blame the faith actually. But I blamed myself! Owh. Can I be such an inspiring girl? Move forward, Mar! Don't let simple things messed you whole day!

With the toothache, problems that arose, stories that have been told.. owh. I knew, maybe, these made me to think that they are all about SPICES to spice my life. hot, sweet, bitter, sour.. aigoo..

Mummy! I want to go back home... =(  I miss my home already, my siblings, my family.. 

I thought yesterday (tuesday) was already thursday and today is friday! waa.. it is wednesday okay!

Owh.. Kinda of need to read motivational books. Anyone want to suggest or borrow me some kind of those book? 

Okayy. Done! After this, I'm gonna write something that is beneficial for you to read about. 

Mar, cheer up your life! Don't let surroundings ruin your day! =) 



Saya Rahimi said...

la..mar tgh down ke?

cuba test buku ini..

(Pelembut Hati - Muhammad Ahmad ar-Rasyid)

semoga bermanfaat...innAllaha ma'aki..^_^

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...

motivational books ever - love letter from god -Al-quran-

mar mp 86's said...

TQ everyone! ^_^