29 October 2011

A story to be told..

Salam peeps! 

How's your day? Have enough fun? heh~

Btw, I'm so sorry because no update for a long time. Because I am so busy with the assignments, test and mid term exam..

So, to not disappoint all of you, may I share some pictures here.

This 'event' occurred on 28th Oct 2011..

We were on the way to class on Friday morning. It's like fog or haze, we were confused! hahah.

You can see the pictures below. Subhanallah! My friends and I were so amazed with these scenery. A better start in blessing Friday! 

Let's check it out!
 [28th Oct 2011; 7:46am]

On the way to campus...

 [28th Oct 2011; 7:47am]

Just entered the main entrance!
Omaigod! The chancellery is missing!
Where is it?

  [28th Oct 2011; 7:47am]

On the way to the only one roundabout at USIM.
The chancellery is still missing!

 [28th Oct 2011; 7:47am]

At the roundabout. 
Yeah3~ The chancellery is there! :p
Had been blinded by the fog! 

 [28th Oct 2011; 7:48am]

On the way to FEM.
Omaigod! FEM is also missing! :'(


Haha. A fiction story to be told. That's all.

Btw, FEM is still there! We love FEM! :))

And, okay, 1 more, we are on the way to Law class on that morning, and we are so excited to face that day! hehe..

That's all, friends! bye!

P/s: I will sit for 2 tests; OB and Cost acc and 1 mid term exam; biz math on this coming week! Pray the best for me! tq :)

09 October 2011



A short and simple post for my dear blog readers.. Sorry for no post for about a month. Busy as 3rd semester student! heh~

Have a look! Pictures can tell you thousand of words!

Name of event: Bengkel Kecemerlangan FEM
Location: Lost World of Tambun, Ipoh, Perak
Date: 1st-2nd Oct 2011
Fee: Free!!

1st day: Lost World Hotel, Malayana Square, Hot Springs&Spa

 2nd day: Breakfast at Terrace Garden

2nd day: Self-pampered at Amusement Park etc

2nd day: Go back home with Flurry the biribiri, Sakinah the seahorse (got prize because playing one of games at amusement park!)