01 April 2012


Salam friends!

Naaa.. It's quite a long time I did post nothing. How ya life? Good enough? Alhamdulillah for me.

2 days ago my friends and I went to MyGMJ - Malaysia Global March to Jerusalem- at Stadium Melawati, Shah Alam as our support to the true GMJ from Jordan. Wait, before that, let me tell you what is MyGMJ is all about >> http://www.mygmj.org/

Alhamdulillah, a smooth journey for us from Nilai to Shah Alam about 1 hour. It should be less than that but because of traffic jam in front the sugar factory ( I forgot the name, but I'm sure it's not Prai factory! heh). We arrived safely at 6.45pm. (yeah! meredah jam itu sangat memenatkan la! I wonder how la people that live in KL can adapt in such situation...)

Okay. forgot about it! The event start after Maghrib prayer but we still can't see any USIM's convoy. And my stomach is playing such a 'nonsense music'.. then we went to pasar malam beside the stadium. Bought something that can eat for light dinner.

At 8.30pm, the MC did welcome the ceremony. At that moment, I was really surprised with the MC. It's Ally Iskandar! Haha. I forgot that the night before, I saw my friend posted about the MC had been replaced by Ally. The MC before that is Naz ( one more time, I forgot his name!). Owh ya! Forgot to tell, I sat in front of the stage side. Not left and not right side. A best view to view all! ;)

Frankly speaking, I forgot about the tentative of the programme, but, I wanna share with you Youtube's video  regarding the event, relatively shows. There are children show, Palestinian heritage dance, sajak, flash mob etc etc. (click the link stated in each videos)

And, the best laungan we have is,


|1st Video2 hours full video of MyGMJ in Shah Alam. [here]

|2nd Video| The event was started with a march by the Palestinian people who lived in Malaysia to show their concern and togetherness with their people back home.[here]

|3rd Video| A speech by Dr. Tahir Abdul Rahman, the Chairman of Malaysian Global March to Jerusalem. [here]

|4th Video| Chanting led by Dr. Musa..

Free, Free Palestine!

Free, Free Palestine!
Jerusalem don't you cry..
We shall never let you die!
One, two, three, four...
We don't want your bloody war!
Five, six, seven, eight....
Stop the killing, stop the hate
People, people you will free
Jerusalem will be free!
From the rivers to the sea..
Jerusalem will be free!
Stop the killing, stop the crime
Israel out of Palestine!
Occupation is a crime
From Iraq to Palestine!

| 5th Video| Mu'adz Dzulkefly's performance. Can't deny that his Arabic is so good. [here]

| 6th Video | A speech by Brother Ooi Kok Hin from Taylors University College,
Subang Jaya. Read his speech here [video: here]

|7th Video| Sister Tengku Ruqayyah and her sister reciting a poem with full of spirit! These are the voices of teenagers that we want. Full of energy and spirit not only to uphold the religion, but also for the human rights! Good job girls! [here]

|8th Video| Palestine Will Be Free a song sang by these four siblings after the poem recitation. It was taken from the actual song by Dawud Wharnsby Ali entitled Sing Children of the World. They did a slight change to the lyrics so that it match with the theme of Palestine. [here]

|9th Video| Pak AGI reciting his poem about Palestine with full of expression and tone which made audience burst into laughter. Even though it was hilarious, the message he wanted to convey through his poem was very deep that it touched the audience's heart.[here]

|10th Video| A group of students from UIA, Taylors and UiTM Shah Alam performing their awesome flash mob performances. This flash mob portrays about the lives of the Palestinian people that they have to face everyday. Like other normal human beings, they play football, they seek knowledge and they perform the religious ritualsBut ever since the Zionist Israelis seized their land, they never lived in peace even for a second. Every single person was killed while doing their daily routine, no matter children, teenagers, women and the elderly. Thus, because of this, all the Palestinians, Jews and Christians stood up and merge toghether to defend their land and seek for freedom! [here]

|11th Video| The climax of the event. The flash mob team sang Maher Zain's Freedom song led by brother Halem (UIA), brother Afiq Tahir (Uniten) and brother Nawi Zharif. [here] 

|12th video| Buletin Pagi's slot in Saturday. [here] 

Overall pictures. [here]

I can't find Mirwana's show and Skype Video live from Jordan..

Finally, I'm really agreed with Ally's speech below, do watch!

# hope that this spirit will not end ! We need to do continuous contribution such as donation, etc etc. Do alert the world that we are not agree with this 'rampasan tanah' by Israel Laknatullah. May Allah bless 'em all (Palestinians).