26 June 2011

When today is Sunday..

It means rest for whole day! But, aqidah and fiqh books need to be read. It's because 5th and 6th july will be final exam for short sem. After that, u can have your rest for 2 months! Yeay!

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24 June 2011

Run as quick as 'Road'runner..

Yeah2. I know all of you are waiting for my latest post long times ago..

Naaa.. This is sincere from me.

I have being a 'road'runner of  'Pertandingan Debat Bahasa Arab antara Sekolah Menengah Peringkat Kebangsaan kali ke-4 2011' for 5 days! Yup. 5 days at all. *ponteng kelas*

Okay2. Before that, do you know what is runner?

Runner is like urusetia. Take good care of participants, jaga bilik persidangan, jaga masa etc.

Em. I had been assigned to take care of Naim Lilbanat's participants.. Alhamdulillah. They're so sporting. :)

So, this program started on 17th June 2011 (Friday) and ended on 21st June 2011 (Tuesday)

The 1st day began with participants' registration at Kolej Kediaman Sutera Indah in day and ended with briefing at campus at night.

Since every runner is responsible to take care his/her adopted school, mine didn't appear till the night. I'm very worried. Are they tarik diri? Never mind, maybe they are still in the journey. My friends said, "Maybe they just want to stay relax and cool. Don't want to feel nervous. Haha"

At last, on the 2nd day, the girls just appeared themselves. Alhamdulillah. Feel lega! hehe. I'm searching for them like those who searching for someone at airport; holding a tag 'Naim Lilbanat'. ;)

 1st day: Briefing for participants at campus

 Naim Lilbanat vs SAM Hulu Langat for 2nd times

Runners are waiting for the participants to come to them to go to Bilik Persidangan. ;)


Alhamdulillah. I'm very enjoyed with the task given! Next time, if there are still the same persons for the AJK Koordinator, I'll join it again. hehe.

Being 5 days with the girls, made me felt sad to left them. They too! :'( Shafiqa, Nabila, Aqilah and Sakinah. They are so fluent in debating in Arabic. God willing, we'll meet again. Naim Lilbanat just near Kota Bharu. hehe.

Anyway, a big congratulations to SMKA Al-Irsyad for being the winner for this competition. Good job y'all! Besta for every debaters is the best ever present for them, maybe! :)

I think that's all from me. I want to complete the assignment. bye!

P/s: 1. Yeah. Now, I'm truly believe that past experience as runner of last VC Debate Championship really taught me on how to be a good runner.
2. Ustaz from Naim Lilbanat said I'm like 'road'runner. Very tangkas in serving them. Yup. The ustazs too are so sporting! 

15 June 2011


When there is an offer come, we need to think twice whether it brings good or vice versa. Think it back!

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13 June 2011

Surprises that I didn't welcome..

Good evening, guys!! ;)

Yeah, yeah, yeah~

As I've said in the latest post, June means full of surprise!!!

Luckily, they don't make me heart attack! 

First of all, date of 8th June is the starting point~

Gotcha, bang bang boom or prank as what they are all about, my classmates made me angry, sad and ended by laughter. They did a surprise for my 20th birthday. [full story here] hihi. Thank you, guys! As what Pura said, they made all of these to make my 20th birthday as a token of remembrance for whole life! 

2nd surprise..

Yesterday. yup. Yesterday was annual dinner for accounting program. And, they made it again! But, no so surprise as BMB 2 had done to me.. Maybe because it is already 4 days passing by. hehe. Thank you, anyway. Chocolate cake again.. Hoho. Now, I know in accounting batch 5 itself, there are persons who born in 3 days in a row.(7th-8th-9th June) It's nice to know that! :)

And, here, the 3rd surprise came....

The announcement of new committee for 2011/2012 was announced yesterday.. At this time, they really did a  SURPRISE! They made me screaming in sadness! Please.. please... Don't make this again! It's totally scared me! Till, there is a person who can see that my eyes in watery. ("Eh. ko menangis eh?" "Eh. xd la.. Takut je :( ) I don't know if I can cope with it or not. Seriously! Be a secretary for 2 organizations in a time - Sekretariat Taha @ USIM and Accounting Batch 5 Committee is not easy. :'( Let me tell you something here. Next sem will be busy for me because there will be an event for us to conduct; the launching day of this new-brand secretariat @ USIM.

Anyway, thank you my friends for voting me; 54 votes at all. But, I need to think it back whether I should accept or decline this offer. I'm sorry for this inconvenience. :( But, guys, please support our new leader!

many thanks!

P/s: 1. I hope there will be no more surprise after this. Unless, you made for a good reason - bring happiness to my life.. :) Or, I will get heart attack! :'(
2. I can see the flow of my moods in this post- very happy, happy, sad.. :(

June means full of surprises!

Yeah! As the title is all about!

Full of laughter, sadness, hilarious, anger (sometimes), crying, load of work, love, etc..

Only me knows how it is!


I will continue more after this. Bye!

09 June 2011

Let's play guitar! :)

Don't know how to play guitar? Try here! Available only today, 9th June 2011 (until 11.59pm)

It's fun, guys! :)

Click here

P/s: I've tried already.. Like wanna play my friend's guitar.. hehe

08 June 2011

8 JUNE 2011 :)

Salam and gooodddd evening, guys! :)

Em. Nak story dari permulaan hari ke? Haha. mcm nak..

Once upon a time.. there is a girl at the subway.. *erk.. we start again.

Okay. It's begin at 12am 8 June 2011.

I've meeting with the production crew yesterday. It lasted about 11.30pm. And, Ratna and me were starving. We craving for food and drinks. Luckily, there was still a stall operated at that time at KK1.

Lepak punya lepak, until 2am. Yup. Ratna was the first who wishing me birthday. Terharu. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of others to follow. But, sad. No one. The one that I think should do so, is not. :(

Okay. Lastly, redha jela. Sleep. Ready to face tomorrow. Maybe they will do so in the morning.

9am 8 June 2011

While waiting for ustaz, we were waiting outside of the class. At the same time, I'm thinking of why they didn't wish me? Okay. fine. Semua tak ingat. Faham. I'm ordinary. :( *ecece. ayat nak sedih aje*

Lalalala. Then, menjalani hidup macam biasa. Mcm xd pape. But, with smiles at the lips.. :)

Em, aqidah class today is so happening! haha. Ringkas dan padat. Semua orang present mantap2.

Then, we headed to FSU to have Fiqh class. Owh. Still no response from them. Sad but still happy. *amacam, pandai tak cover? haha* yela.. happy jugak sbb still dapat wish kat handphone. hehe

During Fiqh pun best! I learnt something new. Eclipse prayer. :) hoho

Then, it comes. 12pm 8 June 2011

Suddenly our class rep, Azam called for an ad-hoc meeting. He said between girls and boys in BMB 2, there are unsatisfied problems. Wallaweyh! I thought it settled already loooonnnggg times ago!

Then, I can smell a prank. Owh. ya! They wanna prank me..

But, somehow, I thought, it's not. It's serious matter, then. Okay fine. They totally forgot! :(

Suddenly, Azam put blame on me. Haish. Habis dia bocorkan rahsia. Shame on me. *blushing*

Marah punya marah, orang sedih la kan? I'm such the one that tak boleh kena marah. Nanti cepat sangat berlaku pengairan Sungai Nil. Haha.

Dengan tak sehat nya lagi, they tortured me more. Malas la nak layan. Keluar la cm ni. Haish. Benci2. Tak suka nanges2 part ni. Lepas tu masuk la balik, Suha pujuk kan.. :)

Then, suddenly, I heard......


Aaaaa.... Gila punya kerja! Tidaaaaakkkk! Benci2. Aini!!!! *She sat beside me and gave me some tissue. haha*

Da agak da tadi. But, somehow, Azam's seriousness made the situation of war become more worst la!

Okay. Then, wish2 la jgak. bagi ucapan sikit. Nak dengar 'luahan hati' yang sebenar kan? Ambik la.. Haha.

Actually, this prank is for those who was born in June; me, Anna (4th June), Aina (14th June), and Sam (25th June)

Aaaa.. Habis sudah. Makan2 kek semua.

Then, come the wishes. Thank you! Toche. Syukran. I like it! I will remember till the ends. :)

Anyway, korek punya korek rahsia, the main mastermind is Athirah! whoa. She already planned it with Safura a week ago! Helped by Azam and Suha, the class rreps. SMART Plan! :p OMG! Rahsia eh? Sabar jela. And, they asked all of my classmates, housemates not to wish me on 12am 8 June, the time that I'm waiting for! =.='

P/s: Siapa yang patut bagi hadiah tu, cepat! Nak!

Here is the cake. Secret Recipe's Chocolate Strawberry.

Happy face at all. Thanks tau! :)

Owh. Pening2. haha.

We enjoyed eating the cake till the end! :)


I <3 BMB 2 ! 


01 June 2011

It's June already..

Hi guys!

June is coming back! :)

Today is 1st June. Tomorrow is 2nd June. My 'makcik's birthday. Haha. She will be celebrated by PASUM's friends.

Today I learnt so many new things especially during Aqidah & Fiqh Ibadat lecture. It's nice to know all about that. Yup. There are still many our simple actions that we take for granted especially prayer and fasting. These cases are so important for girls and women.

Why I said like that? Ermm.. That's what we've discussed with ustaz after the lecture.

My lecturer told us that Puasa Fardhu can't be combined with Puasa Sunat.(bold and red means important) Okay. The situation is like this:

In Ramadan month, as usual, (okay. we want to learn something here. please don't be embarrassed) women will get period for a week or 2 weeks (depends on the woman). Hence, she needs to replace (qadha') her puasa fardhu (as we all know).

As usual, there are many women outside there are combining their puasa fardhu and puasa sunat (for example: puasa 6 syawal) in Syawal. And, my ustaz said that we're prohibited to do so. Why?

Okay. This is the answer.

"Barangsiapa telah berpuasa Ramadhan kemudian diikuti dengan 6 hari dari Syawal (puasa) maka ia adalah seperti (pahala) puasa Ad-Dahr (setahun)" (Riwayat al-Bukhari)

Here is the explanation. From this hadith, telah berpuasa Ramadhan means you already fasting for whole month and this include the puasa that you need to replace (qadha'). So, first, you need to qadha all fasting days that you have left (e.g: 7 days), then, after that you can perform your puasa 6 Syawal. Understand?

It's same goes to any puasa sunat. Let's say you don't get the opportunity to qadha' your fasting during Syawal, so, you want to qadha' it during any months. And, you niat want to combine puasa qadha' with Monday puasa sunat (uish. sounds weird. heh). It's also prohibited.

Hah. You think that you have did the same? Same goes to me. =.='

So, do we need to qadha' all fasting that we've combined?

Don't worry, ladies. My ustaz said that all our puasa sunat kira terbatal and count them as puasa qadha'. (Legaaaaa.....!!) Get it? yeah. good reader! hehe. :)

That's all from me. Just shared Allah's knowledge. What's good come from HIM, what's worst come from me, HIS weak servant :)


P/s: Haha. is the title is all about? Yup! I learnt it in June..