13 June 2011

Surprises that I didn't welcome..

Good evening, guys!! ;)

Yeah, yeah, yeah~

As I've said in the latest post, June means full of surprise!!!

Luckily, they don't make me heart attack! 

First of all, date of 8th June is the starting point~

Gotcha, bang bang boom or prank as what they are all about, my classmates made me angry, sad and ended by laughter. They did a surprise for my 20th birthday. [full story here] hihi. Thank you, guys! As what Pura said, they made all of these to make my 20th birthday as a token of remembrance for whole life! 

2nd surprise..

Yesterday. yup. Yesterday was annual dinner for accounting program. And, they made it again! But, no so surprise as BMB 2 had done to me.. Maybe because it is already 4 days passing by. hehe. Thank you, anyway. Chocolate cake again.. Hoho. Now, I know in accounting batch 5 itself, there are persons who born in 3 days in a row.(7th-8th-9th June) It's nice to know that! :)

And, here, the 3rd surprise came....

The announcement of new committee for 2011/2012 was announced yesterday.. At this time, they really did a  SURPRISE! They made me screaming in sadness! Please.. please... Don't make this again! It's totally scared me! Till, there is a person who can see that my eyes in watery. ("Eh. ko menangis eh?" "Eh. xd la.. Takut je :( ) I don't know if I can cope with it or not. Seriously! Be a secretary for 2 organizations in a time - Sekretariat Taha @ USIM and Accounting Batch 5 Committee is not easy. :'( Let me tell you something here. Next sem will be busy for me because there will be an event for us to conduct; the launching day of this new-brand secretariat @ USIM.

Anyway, thank you my friends for voting me; 54 votes at all. But, I need to think it back whether I should accept or decline this offer. I'm sorry for this inconvenience. :( But, guys, please support our new leader!

many thanks!

P/s: 1. I hope there will be no more surprise after this. Unless, you made for a good reason - bring happiness to my life.. :) Or, I will get heart attack! :'(
2. I can see the flow of my moods in this post- very happy, happy, sad.. :(

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