01 June 2011

It's June already..

Hi guys!

June is coming back! :)

Today is 1st June. Tomorrow is 2nd June. My 'makcik's birthday. Haha. She will be celebrated by PASUM's friends.

Today I learnt so many new things especially during Aqidah & Fiqh Ibadat lecture. It's nice to know all about that. Yup. There are still many our simple actions that we take for granted especially prayer and fasting. These cases are so important for girls and women.

Why I said like that? Ermm.. That's what we've discussed with ustaz after the lecture.

My lecturer told us that Puasa Fardhu can't be combined with Puasa Sunat.(bold and red means important) Okay. The situation is like this:

In Ramadan month, as usual, (okay. we want to learn something here. please don't be embarrassed) women will get period for a week or 2 weeks (depends on the woman). Hence, she needs to replace (qadha') her puasa fardhu (as we all know).

As usual, there are many women outside there are combining their puasa fardhu and puasa sunat (for example: puasa 6 syawal) in Syawal. And, my ustaz said that we're prohibited to do so. Why?

Okay. This is the answer.

"Barangsiapa telah berpuasa Ramadhan kemudian diikuti dengan 6 hari dari Syawal (puasa) maka ia adalah seperti (pahala) puasa Ad-Dahr (setahun)" (Riwayat al-Bukhari)

Here is the explanation. From this hadith, telah berpuasa Ramadhan means you already fasting for whole month and this include the puasa that you need to replace (qadha'). So, first, you need to qadha all fasting days that you have left (e.g: 7 days), then, after that you can perform your puasa 6 Syawal. Understand?

It's same goes to any puasa sunat. Let's say you don't get the opportunity to qadha' your fasting during Syawal, so, you want to qadha' it during any months. And, you niat want to combine puasa qadha' with Monday puasa sunat (uish. sounds weird. heh). It's also prohibited.

Hah. You think that you have did the same? Same goes to me. =.='

So, do we need to qadha' all fasting that we've combined?

Don't worry, ladies. My ustaz said that all our puasa sunat kira terbatal and count them as puasa qadha'. (Legaaaaa.....!!) Get it? yeah. good reader! hehe. :)

That's all from me. Just shared Allah's knowledge. What's good come from HIM, what's worst come from me, HIS weak servant :)


P/s: Haha. is the title is all about? Yup! I learnt it in June..

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