29 May 2011

Gonna miss this makcik ! :p

Okay.... Today was a history..

Now, my sister, Shazwani Mohd Pakarudin officially being a Pusat Asasi Sains Universiti Malaya (PASUM) student.

She furthers her study in Sains Hayat. I am happy in her behalf. Very haaaappppyyyy!!! :)

We, my family, hope that her dream to be a pharmacist will be realised in the future. Ameeennn..

Gonna miss you la makcik! Nak gaduh2, nak marah2, nak merajuk2, nak tarik2 muka :p

Never mind, UM just only 50 mins from our home. (with 120km/h driving without jammed! heheh)

Em. For this moment, as an advance wish (2nd June), I'm gonna wish you Happy 18th Birthday! Like what you have said before, it will be the first time you being celebrated at other places. It's because every year, her birthday falls during school holiday and we just celebrated at home.. Hehe. Anyway, just wait the prank from your senior on that day. I'm sure! :p

Last but not least, happy orientation for about a week! whoa! hehe. Study smart okay! Prove that you are so brilliant like what you have shown for the SPM! :)

Get ready to join the orientation. yeah!

Can you see 12 RC in her cap? That is 12th Residential College a.k.a Raja Dr Nazrin Shah Residential College, UM.

From Level 8

This is a view from her room. In front of her block is boys' block. Because it is at the 2nd highest level from the above, her room is so windyyyyy!! I like! Nice panorama and condition to study. Owh ya! Her room is so spacious and occupies for 2 persons!

Okay. Again, I'm gonna miss you makcik! :p

P/s: i.My two sisters are study at UIAM and UM. Both outside of Negeri Sembilan. Me? USIM - only 20 mins from my home. Hehehe.
ii. UIAM, USIM, UM. Only the latter is without 'I'. heh.


namaakulynn said...

waa.bestnye semua adik2 bradik da bsar!;) usim,uia,um.nice2.

mar mp 86's said...

hehe. tp ada sorg lagi adik yang masih sekolah. darjah 4. kesiannnn.. haha

fynazsya said...

eh adek xdpt overseas ke?
anyway congratz la to ur makcik too.
hahaha :0

mar mp 86's said...

hehe. rezeki dia dpt dalam negara je.. proud to be Malaysian! ;)

congratz in behalf of her.. heheh

mar mp 86's said...

eh. silap. thank you in behalf of her..