28 May 2011

Fallen-asleep-while-watching-movies syndrome

Yeah! I just discovered a syndrome. And, that's the name:
fallen-asleep-while-watching-movies syndrome
 Hah! Sounds nice, right? =p

What is fallen-asleep-while-watching-movies syndrome?
From its name itself, it is self-explanatory.

How is it happens?
While watching the movies, during the exposition, he/she fall asleep. The most crucial condition is when the light is switched off. However, it still occurs although the lighting is on.

To whom this happens?
Anyone who is watching movies regardless of ages, gender, races.

Why this syndrome happens?
Can't be identified. Still under investigations. Maybe, *yup. As what I said, it is still under investigation*, the moviegoers are sleepy, lighting factor, the storyline is not so good, or he/she considers exposition of the movie can be skipped! =p But *yeah. there's still BUT, peeps!*, he/she wake up in the middle of the movie to ensure he/she can catch up the story line and can consider himself/herself has watched the movie!

How it can be cured?
Still under investigation too. Maybe *again*, the moviegoers need a companion to talk with. What I mean is, the companion he/she has while watching it together should talk with him/her every time. Why? To make sure he/she not fallen asleep!

That's all for my current experiment! Wanna continue the research. =p Owh ya! Below are my specimen who has experienced this syndrome. Identity is being keep secret.

A first movie which she had experienced this syndrome - Merong Mahawangsa. She slept during the exposition - during the fighting between Merong Mahawangsa and  Garuda's pirates.. She felt that the fighting-fighting scene was not suitable for her! Because the pirates were so sexy. Her friend told her so. =p And, not forget, she watched this movie with no lighting at all.

Pirates of the Carribean on Stranger Tides. Owh. She was so tired on that day. Since she watched this movie around 11 pm *the time for her to sleep* , she felt asleep during the exposition too - when Jack Sparrow was at somewhere under the ground, having conversations with people there. She can't understand anymore what they're conversed about! All after all, she woke up at a part when Sparrow.... *owh. forgot! but she watch it till the end and still can argue with her friends the ending should not be like that! =p*

Senjakala. A first movie which she didn't fall asleep at all! Why? It is because while she is watching this movie with her friend, she is doing the MyLine! Hahahhaa. And, her companion at that time talk a lot with her because she *her friend* forced her to fully-watch the movie and left behind the MyLine for a while! Hahahaha.

Hum Tum. Owh. She has left the Hindustan movie a long time agooo.... But, since her friends like so much the Hindustan movies, it's like she doesn't want to left behind! So, today, she has a try and watched Hum Tum at her home with her siblings. And, as usual, the syndrome has been in her blood, she fell asleep during Karan was trying his best to tackle a girl, Prea. At last, her 10-year old sister watched the movie till the end and she watched back when Karan tried to propose Prea! Hahaha.

Okay. Now, can you recognise who is all shes mention above? hahaha. *blushing*

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