30 April 2011

Now, i'm truly understand...

Experiences do teach me a lot about LIFE !! Thank you Sir Experience.. U did very well in making me as what I am today ~

Yup. Even sometimes I ain't bear enough with all those obstacles, u came and told me that u want to give me another CHAPTER of life. Thanks! :)

Now, it's just half of the CONTENTS. God-willing, I will try my best to give u the chance to fill in the CONTENTS . Thanks again ! :)

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Just met my lovers .... :)


I just met my lovers today. How happy I am~ weee...

My day today had been rejoiced by all of them... 

Do you still remember my lovers who I had told before? Naaa.. click here :)

Heee~ Happy sangat sampai speechless....

So, my 1st dating was with Miss Final Account. She has a shop; Farzana's Mart. Haha. At first, the SOFP didn't balance about RM 8,000++ . Owh. Suddenly, macam... okay. I need to leave this lover first. Don't worry dear, I will come back...

Meanwhile, walked around, I met Mr Bank Reconciliation. Yup, I need to help him in reconcile this Fudayl Computers' bank statement. ehehe. I like you la Mr! You have the figure for the bank statement balance. So that, this is a reason for me to smile till ears.. At least, I know you are 'slim' balance. Haha. *apekah?

Then, I brought along Mr Bank Reconciliation to meet my other lovers, Mr Ratio the Faris. *erk. or  itshould be Mr Faris the Ratio?*  Haha. Luckily, my sifu, Puan Halizah had told me before this the correct way to calculate the LOVE ratios.. So that I will get the TRUE love.. Current ratio, ROA, ROE, Inventory turnover and GPM.. 

Next, after done with them, I met Profit & Loss Appropriation Account - Insyirah, Irdina and Isma. Yeah.. They are so profitable especially Insyirah.. Heee~ 

Then, I bought new motor vehicle for Mr Depreciation. Hehe. How smart he is when he is driving! :) As usual, the vehicle still depreciate every year. So, I need to calculate the provision for depreciation. Yup! Step of aware~ 

Okay2. Last but not least, I met Miss Suspense Account suspiciously. owh.. She always made me 'suspense'! With her overcasting, forgot to debit or credit and also, debit or credit twice! Aish... Suspense! hehe..

Ups! I forgot that my first dating with Miss Final account didn't complete yet. Not perfect without her balance hugs! Erkh.. Okay, so, check punya check.. I overlooked the freehold premises and investment in Unit Trust she has! Sorry... That's why la she doesn't want to hug me... :( Em. Then, I promised to her that I will record it into her.. Huhu. She was so happy with my promises... Then., I calculate eagerly to get her HUG! uuuu~ When I want to press '=' button, I closed my eyes tightly. Yup. takut Miss Final Account marah.. At last, BALANCE!!! wee~ I got the hug!! hehehehe

Okay. That's all my dating with them. Yup. Have a date with them about 3 hours made me want to sleep earlier today.. Banyak sangat berfikir.. Next week ada 2 papers..

P/s: i. The war zone just met its end line~ :)
ii. Sorry.. ayat berterabur.. hoho. penat sangat~

23 April 2011

Good luck to myself ! :)

Salam and good morning. peeps!

So, how's your preparations towards this coming final exam?

Fully-prepared? Hope so.. 

Em... At this refreshing morning, after just had my breakfast, looks like I want to show you my final exam timetable.. heheh

FYI, this coming exam is my 2nd semester exam for Degree.

1st week:

  • UBA1062 BAHASA ARAB III (SAINS SOSIAL) 29/04/2011 (Friday)
  • MAB1013 PRINSIP PERAKAUNAN 29/04/2011 (Friday)
2nd week:
  • MEA3023 EKONOMI MALAYSIA 04/05/2011 (Wednesday)
  • MCA2013 PRINSIP DAN AMALAN PEMASARAN 05/05/2011 (Thursday)
3rd week:
  • MGA1013 PENGANTAR PERNIAGAAN 12/05/2011 (Thursday)

Be careful in answering MCQ.. Opt the best one ! 

To myself, good luck ! :)

You too, my dearest friends!

على كل حال, بالتوفيق والنجاح

P/s: 1. Maybe this is my last post for April. Who knows? Busy in preparing and to give my best for the exam.
2. Recite this doa' before enter the exam hall: Rabbi yassir wala Tu'assir. May Allah ease all our dealings with. InsyaAllah. :)
3. Doa + Usaha + Ikhtiar + Tawakkal 
4. Anyway, today is Ashraf Muslim's engagement day. Many girls getting frustrated. Haha. I see this in FB.. Sabar la eh?

22 April 2011

Suddenly... :'(

Suddenly felt cuak, berdebar2 because next week will be final exam !

Dakwah need to be re-read for second time..

Why, suddenly, I am confused with bank reconciliation's terms ? :-o

Ei. Nape mcm ni ? Hate this feeling ! :-(

Who wanna help me?

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21 April 2011

My Love :)

I have my new Love :)

Eager to know who are my new Love?

Let me introduce you to them...

I love numbers. I love to calculate. 

And these are my love - Trial Balance, Bank Reconciliation, Financial Analysis, Partnership, Depreciation, Bad Debt and Suspense Account! :)

Yeah! While listening to this song, it already makes me full of guts enough to do the accounting exercises!

Love to do it until balance~

My love, I miss you.. :)

I will bring you along this 29th April 2011. Please pray for me, my dear...

P/s: ow lalala~ I smile till ears. :))

Take A Break~

How do you expect kids to listen to their parents as, Tarzan lives half naked, Cinderella comes back home at midnight, Pinocchio lies all the time, Aladdin is the king of thieves, Batman drives at 320KM/h, Sleeping Beauty is lazy and Snow White lives with 7 guys. We shouldn't be surprised if kids misbehave at times! They get this from their own storybooks.

Haha. Funny enough! Fortunately, my life now isn't influenced by all these kind of stuffs. Even, I read and watched these stories before. Hehe

How about you? Had been influenced by all of these? Gottchaaaa you! =p 

New look!

Goooodd mornninggg awesome peeps! =)

My bloggie just turn to new look!

Look more calmly and softy...


Anyhow, that's why I called study week is still study week but still put yourself in relax mode for a while.
Take a deep breath to get fresh air in this study week
To those who are in this mode, get yourself a nap for a while (if you can't digest what you are reading), take steps out there, reach the world! =)

Let's watch this video for a while!


Hehe. ow ya! Yesterday, I went to Bangi, after fetch my sister at her school, suddenly rain fall heavily. And, many trees are fallen on the road. It looks like hurricane! These made the road jammed plus it was working-people-go-back-home time... So tired facing this jammed...

Okay. That's all..

P/s; suddenly, I don't know why I can't embed youtube video in this post.. :(

20 April 2011

Take a deep breath

Take a deep breath to get fresh air during this study week.

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Think about ...

Owh. May I say something here?

Think about want to 'beremo-emo' tonight~

Think about the milo tabur...

Think about the economics note especially lecture 12: Globalisation.. The language is so HHIIIGHH! I can count how many I fallen asleep today just because of reading these notesss... *Argh! Can you see how desperate I am?*

That's why I'm so diligent to post everyday in my bloggie~


Think about my specky. I will make a new one tomorrow. Which style fit my face with someone said that I'm as chubby as watermelon.. Owh. Does it mean I need to wear it everyday later or sooner?

Think about when the exam will start and meet its end line?


Think about when I can finish read all of these books; Arabic, Da'wah (language problem.. lalala~), Economy (actually DONE too but need more understanding) and Muamalat. Marketing and Accounting done~~

Lastly, I like today and tomorrow maybe?! Hope too ... :)

19 April 2011

Be Prepared Before Late

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Seperti yang kita semua sedia maklum....
Minggu ini bermulalah 'study week' bagi warga USIM cawangan NILAI...
dan pelajar perubatan USIM sudahpun memulakan peperiksaan manakala warga tamhidi insyaAllah akan memulakan peperiksaan pada minggu ini..


bila sahaja kita mendengar perkataan ini...
pelbagai mimik muka yang akan kita tonjolkan demi menggambarkan betapa yang kita rasa...
namun mahu tidak mahu perlu juga kita tempuhi...

Setakat ini, apakah persediaan yang saudara/i telah lakukan untuk menghadapi peperiksaan?

Kiranya, jika saya minta untuk saudara saudari senaraikan..
sudah pasti tidak cukup hanya saja dalam satu lembaran...

walau bagaimanapun..ingin sekali saya kongsi dan bawakan kepada saudari kepada tips-tips yang mungkin sudah biasa namun jarang kali kita amalkan....


Persediaan fizikal amat penting kerana "akal yang cerdas pada badan yang cergas"...
Dekat-dekat peperiksaan ini, perlulah kita menjaga kesihatan kita, makan kita,tidur kita dan sebagainya. Riadah untuk badan juga perlu untuk mencerdaskan minda tetapi berhati-hatilah agar keselamatan diri kita terpelihara.


Biasa kita dengar kata-kata dari bait sebuat lagu iaitu "engklaulah apa kau fikirkan".
Apa yang penting di sini ialah fikirlah kejayaan untuk tambah keyakinan. Elakkan berfikir perkara-perkara yang negatif yang boleh merosakkan persepsi dan perlakuan kita. Ingatlah harapan ibu bapa kita amat tinggi untuk melihat kita berjaya.


Hal ini juga penting agar kita boleh fokus dengan ulangkaji dan peperiksaan kita. Jangan terlalu memikirkan perkara-perkara yang boleh mengganggu-gugat perasaan kita.Jaga emosi kita dalam diri dan juga sesama rakan kerana hubungan dengan manusia itu juga penting.


Dalam mempersiapkan diri, jangan kita lupa pada tuhan yang menciptakan kita.Banyakkanlah berdoa sebelum,semasa, dan selepas peperiksaan. Ingatlah bahawa usaha kita bukan segala-galanya jika tidak disertakan dengan tawakkal kepada tuhan.


Ingin dipesankan di sini bahawa pastikan diri anda tenang pada hari peperiksaan. jangan tidur terlalu lewat sehingga boleh mengganggu tumpuan anda terhadap peperiksaan. sediakan alatan peperiksaan secukupnya agar anda tidak gelabah pada hari tersebut. Bacalah surah Luqman agar diberikan ilham dan dipermudahkan pada hari tersebut. Mintalah restu kepada kedua ibu bapa kita agar mereka mendoakan kesejahteraan kita..

Saya rasa setakat ini sahajalah perkongsian ringkas saya. Jika ada apa-apa lagi bolehlah saudara saudari 'post' kan di ruangan komen. Binalah keikhlasan dalam diri kalian agar apa jua natijah yang diperoleh kelah dapat kalian redha kerana itulah yang terbaik untuk kalian.
Sekian.Semoga kalian berjaya dengan jayanya. Wallahua'lam.=)

Copy dari:


18 April 2011

A tale of 'Like' button

Gooooooood morning awesome peeps! =)

Owh. At last, I did the e-nilai! Such an evaluation for our lecturers before we sit for the exam and also to get the 'slip masuk dewan'!

I did it nonchalantly using my handphone last night. Haha. So lazy to use the laptop!

So, I started the evaluation at 11.10pm and end at 11.40pm.. 30mins doing all this stuff!

Then, I'm thinking about the way the administration especially PPITM should update and upgrade it according to the current..

The way is LIKE button~ Haha. Now, we can see LIKE button is everywhere.

This can reduce our time in facing this kind of stuff which we, the students especially, did the evaluation just to get the 'slip masuk dewan'! And, of course they just click '10-Excellent'. They didn't want to think twice or thrice anymore as they think that their lecturers did a good job for the whole semester even sometimes not. Haha. Trust me, guys! Maybe about 10 or 20 percent did it honestly by giving various rate.. kweng3~

Anyway, it is a true that we LIKE and LOVE our lecturers!

My rate giving? Owh. Secret Recipe! =p

Okay. Happy study week!

P/s: 1. Haha. such a merepek post! Dala nak study ~ bye!
2. Miss, Puan, Sir, Prof... Don't worry. I gave the best, excellent for you! All of you did good job to give the best for us.. :)

15 April 2011

The way I improve myself (part 2)


Now, I want to continue for part 2..

So, after I had been interviewed on Tuesday, on the next day, BMB 2 (my class) had conducted an event - Umsiyyah Thaqafiyyah- (Cultural Night)

Actually, we already got this task 2 weeks ago. Ustaz Adil gave us an offer to be the organizer for this event. Praise be to Allah for giving us this opportunity! If not, we need to perform a show like other groups...

To make this event become more manageable, we established a committee which, as usual, consists of:

1.Director - Fahmi, 
2. Co-director - Kak Rahmah, 
3. Program Coordinator - Mardhiah (ups, myself!), Wan, Aini
4. Publicity - Halimah, Nadhirah, Iqmal
5. Transportation - Rafi, Eman, safura
6. Technical - Iftitah, Luqman
7. Protocol - Fahmin, Alfaiz, Aina, Mariam, Shafiqah
8. Souvenir and Presents - Nasuha, Iffah, Salmeh, Syafinaz 
9. Beverages - Asma', Hidayah, Azam
10. Emcees - Athirah and Fatimah Farhana
11. Student representative in delivering speech - Fazlie

So, for the 2 weeks' story, I left those behind because it is behind the scene. Only the committee knew how CONFIDENTIAL it is! kweng3~

For this post, I will story you the event on that Wednesday night..

During evening, we did some rehearsal to make sure everything will run smoothly. I'm as PC was responsible to ensure everything under plan is followed.

So, after all preparations had been done, we start this event at 8.30pm. Alhamdulillah, with the helping of walkie-talkie, we; PC, Publicity, Protocol and others can communicate with easy way. Owh, I don't know what happened to us if there are no walkie-talkies~ And, it was my first time to use walkie-talkie.. Best! Haha. It's so fun using it~ "ROGER and OUT. Mar, masuk Mar~ Publisiti, PC here.. Get ready with montage, Play music~" Hahahaha! LOL..

Anyway, categories that being competed among participants were acting, choral speaking and dikir arab.. All after all, they followed the time required that is 10mins. However, there were certain groups that didn't follow the requirements and this made us very worried. Yeah, very worried because we afraid what we've planned will not tally with the tentative anymore.. Anyhow, we able to control the situations calmly to make this event run smoothly.. Yeah, all of these are PC's responsibility..

Owh yeah! Even we were the organizer, yet, the boys and Ustaz Adil performed theirs! They performed with full of enthusiasm especially Ustaz.. Haha. Don't think that Ustaz can't sing okay! Girls? Just be the audience.. hehe.

Em. To make this short, this event finished at 11.30pm; 30 mins late from what we have planned. Anyhow, all of us and audience felt so gleeful for that night~ Really enjoy this! Congratulations to the all winners. To those who didn't win any, don't be sad. Try next time ok? hehe.

Also,  we did a 'farewell' after that to celebrate our empty-stomach! Haha. All of us are starving but still can give full cooperation.. Jau'an3~ (Hungry in Arabic). After that, Ustaz Adil gave his appreciation speech and awarded us 95/100 marks for successfully conducted this event. And, what made us terharu, Ustaz said, "overall, dari 3 umsiyyah yang saya pernah pergi, umsiyyah kali ni berjalan lancar.. saya bagi kamu dari 100 markah..(buat suspen je)... 95 markah!" Hoho. We awarded ourself with big applause~ =)

To pen off this post, I would like to thanks all of you for giving full cooperation and praise be to Allah for giving us such this moment! All of us had done good job! =)

That's all!

Bye and wassalam.

14 April 2011

The way I improve myself (part 1)


Yeah~ At last, we meet here again! wee~

Em. I miss so much to post in this bloggie..

Okay2. I want to tell you something, peeps!

In this week only, there were so many events had been occurred around me.. And, these events made me brave enough! haha.

1st event:

Last Tuesday, I just had been interviewed by Miss Syuhada to apply for management trainee position at Kumon Asia & Oceania Pte. Ltd.. weet3~

Owh. what a surprise! Okay2. Calm down first. It just a mock job interview as it was one of our English assessment. hehe.

It happened in fast I think. Everything in fast! Actually, Miss had set each time slot and my turn should be at 11.10am. But, somehow, my turn was at 10.50am. Okay. I didn't mind with it as long as I can finish it earlier! hehe. Before I entered into that room, I did some preparations by have a look on my CV and application letter to make sure what I will tell after this are tallied with the CV.. hehe.

After Halimah finished her turn, I knocked the door and give salam and of course, SMILE! =)

First and compulsory question was, "Tell me about yourself"
Yeah3! As usual, I introduced my name, living area, academic qualifications and my latest working experience. And, I like the last part which I said, "Before this, I have worked as Kumon Assistant at Section 4, Bandar Baru Bangi and this makes me appeal to apply for this job which its vision is nation-building through education."

1st question: "Do you prefer to work alone or in team?"
"Of course, work in team. Sometimes, others ideas maybe better than us. So, why not we combine together the brilliant ideas and this will produce a good solution." < approximate answer. I forgot the real one..

2nd question: How would your friends describe you?
Okay. This q is like how we describe ourself actually. And, I described myself as, "Punctual, dedicated and very serious when doing something.." 1. I adore so much this Japanese principle which is punctual. FYI, Kumon is one of Japanese company. Also, I came to this interview 20 minutes earlier! The rest is history..

3rd question: How we could recognize you as company asset and not liability?
Hahaha. This q is so funny. You know what? To make this interview in relax way, I laughed on this question! Hahaha. "Yeah. Asset and liability are different terms!" Miss laughed with me too! And, I said, " As what I had told before, I am a dedicated person and, God-willing, if you give me a task I will complete it before the deadline. Bla3...."

4th question: How would you see yourself in 5 years?
Okaaayyy. I like this question very much as Athirah had interviewed me before this using this q! Heheh. Thanks, Athirah. For this question, I answered, " God-willing, I will open a Kumon franchise which I support very much its nation-building through education vision." As I can see that Miss was confused with my answer, I explained to her what is Kumon Education is all about! And, looked like she was interested with my explanation! hehe...

Then, finish! Owh. Lega! I jumped to the sky! Haha..

I think that's all for the interview. It was so fun, you know!

As my other friends' turn were on Wednesday, I helped them by gave some tips and interviewed them as the way Miss had done!  Alhamdulillah, they learnt a lot from there. I adhere to share-with-people principle to benefit them too~ because all of the knowledge are by Him, right?

Okay.... that's all for this part 1.. I want to continue for part 2!


09 April 2011

Like a breeze!

Touted to be the first of its kind in Malaysia, MPH Bookstores is proud to present book buying from a machine. While the concept is not new, it is certainly a fresh take for book buyers here. The machine will make its debut sometime in April and will be rolled out in stages. High traffic areas such as hospitals, banks and LRT stations are some of the places that have been identified as potential spots for the machine.

Such a breeze, right? Especially for those who like to read a lot like me! =) Maximize your free time as beneficial as you can! And, this will make your life like a line of colourful rainbow

For more news, click here: NST extract

That's all for this week ! FYI, I'm in study-for-exam mood right now! 6 subjects to be revised - Account, Economy, Marketing, Muamalat, Arabic and Da'wah.. Wish me luck ya!

P/s: I just delivered my completer moment at Section 4, Bandar Baru Bangi this evening. And, it was not my plan, actually, to go there. I just want to have a look on my sister's presentation on her completer moments.. Suddenly, teacher Mahiran introduced me to the audience (majority is new parents who had just enrolled their children at the centre). Owh! At that time, with contingency points in my mind, I introduced myself and the audience 'attacked' me with several questions! Anyway, it was a wonderful moment to be remembered. Thank you teacher Mahiran! <3

Wassalam. Take care!

03 April 2011

Novels Obsession is around the corner !

Overall, after have read this 344-pages novel, I knew and learnt a single father's perspective of life. It's not easy to be a single father. You may doubt to choose in between househusband or a career man. It's all because of the son is in need of mother's love and care. Owh. It's so touching! I seldom read male writers' novel. Actually, Tony Parsons is a single father! He mined some of his life to this Man and Boy novel.  And, he remains one of the few male writers prepared to look beyond his own navel in search of answers. Two thumbs up, Parsons !

Credit to: Athirah Sobri for lending me this since January if I'm not mistaken. And, now, it's already early April ! Soooorrrry, dear! A lot of assignments should be done. TQ!

New cover 
 Old look cover

Okay2. Let me tell you the truth. This novel has been bought by me on 31st January and I just started to read this, yesterday *1st April* ! Owh. 2 months already I just make it as decoration! haha. Thinking of when I can read this... And, yesterday was the answer! However, this 648-pages made me feel a bit of  disappointed on its cover~ To make it short, last 2 weeks, I went to the book shop (at KLIA) again where I bought this before. And, suddenly, I saw its cover had been changed to a new look ! And, its cover is so coollll you know compared to the old look! It's made me screaming for a while when I saw it ! *tak aci, tak aci!* However, the story same goes either on old or new look ! 

Owh ya. For the pages itself, it is twice to Man and Boy... em. when I can finish it? Unknown, can't be identified because the exam is just around the corner ! =p

Owh. this novel has its own story too ! During made a buying decision between this novel or Jodi Piccoult's *few months ago*, I chose JD's while I thought that Ahern's is good to read to. Yup, thinking of need to change the genre from love story to family story. But, this decision still can't be overtook. I still regret why I didn't buy Ahern's.

To make a story, I just bought it at Great Eastern Mall during our LI. haha. This made me smiled whole day.. Like a child got what she wanted ! =)) FYI, I didn't tear the cover plastic yet. haha. when I can start read this? Status: unknown. maybe during long holiday after the short semester! Anyway, the cover is doesn't look like above. Totally different ! A little bit romantic cover. You better search it rather than I put here! =p

Okay, it's 2.50am already. And, my assignment which I should type it in Arabic transcript is yet not find its end line.. I'm so slow to type in Arabic~ hehe

P/s: puas sudah dapat taip dr hasil karya sendiri. sebelum ni copy paste je ! tak best tau ! because of lack of idea what I should post about. And, now I got the idea ! =)