03 April 2011

Novels Obsession is around the corner !

Overall, after have read this 344-pages novel, I knew and learnt a single father's perspective of life. It's not easy to be a single father. You may doubt to choose in between househusband or a career man. It's all because of the son is in need of mother's love and care. Owh. It's so touching! I seldom read male writers' novel. Actually, Tony Parsons is a single father! He mined some of his life to this Man and Boy novel.  And, he remains one of the few male writers prepared to look beyond his own navel in search of answers. Two thumbs up, Parsons !

Credit to: Athirah Sobri for lending me this since January if I'm not mistaken. And, now, it's already early April ! Soooorrrry, dear! A lot of assignments should be done. TQ!

New cover 
 Old look cover

Okay2. Let me tell you the truth. This novel has been bought by me on 31st January and I just started to read this, yesterday *1st April* ! Owh. 2 months already I just make it as decoration! haha. Thinking of when I can read this... And, yesterday was the answer! However, this 648-pages made me feel a bit of  disappointed on its cover~ To make it short, last 2 weeks, I went to the book shop (at KLIA) again where I bought this before. And, suddenly, I saw its cover had been changed to a new look ! And, its cover is so coollll you know compared to the old look! It's made me screaming for a while when I saw it ! *tak aci, tak aci!* However, the story same goes either on old or new look ! 

Owh ya. For the pages itself, it is twice to Man and Boy... em. when I can finish it? Unknown, can't be identified because the exam is just around the corner ! =p

Owh. this novel has its own story too ! During made a buying decision between this novel or Jodi Piccoult's *few months ago*, I chose JD's while I thought that Ahern's is good to read to. Yup, thinking of need to change the genre from love story to family story. But, this decision still can't be overtook. I still regret why I didn't buy Ahern's.

To make a story, I just bought it at Great Eastern Mall during our LI. haha. This made me smiled whole day.. Like a child got what she wanted ! =)) FYI, I didn't tear the cover plastic yet. haha. when I can start read this? Status: unknown. maybe during long holiday after the short semester! Anyway, the cover is doesn't look like above. Totally different ! A little bit romantic cover. You better search it rather than I put here! =p

Okay, it's 2.50am already. And, my assignment which I should type it in Arabic transcript is yet not find its end line.. I'm so slow to type in Arabic~ hehe

P/s: puas sudah dapat taip dr hasil karya sendiri. sebelum ni copy paste je ! tak best tau ! because of lack of idea what I should post about. And, now I got the idea ! =)

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