14 April 2011

The way I improve myself (part 1)


Yeah~ At last, we meet here again! wee~

Em. I miss so much to post in this bloggie..

Okay2. I want to tell you something, peeps!

In this week only, there were so many events had been occurred around me.. And, these events made me brave enough! haha.

1st event:

Last Tuesday, I just had been interviewed by Miss Syuhada to apply for management trainee position at Kumon Asia & Oceania Pte. Ltd.. weet3~

Owh. what a surprise! Okay2. Calm down first. It just a mock job interview as it was one of our English assessment. hehe.

It happened in fast I think. Everything in fast! Actually, Miss had set each time slot and my turn should be at 11.10am. But, somehow, my turn was at 10.50am. Okay. I didn't mind with it as long as I can finish it earlier! hehe. Before I entered into that room, I did some preparations by have a look on my CV and application letter to make sure what I will tell after this are tallied with the CV.. hehe.

After Halimah finished her turn, I knocked the door and give salam and of course, SMILE! =)

First and compulsory question was, "Tell me about yourself"
Yeah3! As usual, I introduced my name, living area, academic qualifications and my latest working experience. And, I like the last part which I said, "Before this, I have worked as Kumon Assistant at Section 4, Bandar Baru Bangi and this makes me appeal to apply for this job which its vision is nation-building through education."

1st question: "Do you prefer to work alone or in team?"
"Of course, work in team. Sometimes, others ideas maybe better than us. So, why not we combine together the brilliant ideas and this will produce a good solution." < approximate answer. I forgot the real one..

2nd question: How would your friends describe you?
Okay. This q is like how we describe ourself actually. And, I described myself as, "Punctual, dedicated and very serious when doing something.." 1. I adore so much this Japanese principle which is punctual. FYI, Kumon is one of Japanese company. Also, I came to this interview 20 minutes earlier! The rest is history..

3rd question: How we could recognize you as company asset and not liability?
Hahaha. This q is so funny. You know what? To make this interview in relax way, I laughed on this question! Hahaha. "Yeah. Asset and liability are different terms!" Miss laughed with me too! And, I said, " As what I had told before, I am a dedicated person and, God-willing, if you give me a task I will complete it before the deadline. Bla3...."

4th question: How would you see yourself in 5 years?
Okaaayyy. I like this question very much as Athirah had interviewed me before this using this q! Heheh. Thanks, Athirah. For this question, I answered, " God-willing, I will open a Kumon franchise which I support very much its nation-building through education vision." As I can see that Miss was confused with my answer, I explained to her what is Kumon Education is all about! And, looked like she was interested with my explanation! hehe...

Then, finish! Owh. Lega! I jumped to the sky! Haha..

I think that's all for the interview. It was so fun, you know!

As my other friends' turn were on Wednesday, I helped them by gave some tips and interviewed them as the way Miss had done!  Alhamdulillah, they learnt a lot from there. I adhere to share-with-people principle to benefit them too~ because all of the knowledge are by Him, right?

Okay.... that's all for this part 1.. I want to continue for part 2!


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