23 April 2011

Good luck to myself ! :)

Salam and good morning. peeps!

So, how's your preparations towards this coming final exam?

Fully-prepared? Hope so.. 

Em... At this refreshing morning, after just had my breakfast, looks like I want to show you my final exam timetable.. heheh

FYI, this coming exam is my 2nd semester exam for Degree.

1st week:

  • UBA1062 BAHASA ARAB III (SAINS SOSIAL) 29/04/2011 (Friday)
  • MAB1013 PRINSIP PERAKAUNAN 29/04/2011 (Friday)
2nd week:
  • MEA3023 EKONOMI MALAYSIA 04/05/2011 (Wednesday)
  • MCA2013 PRINSIP DAN AMALAN PEMASARAN 05/05/2011 (Thursday)
3rd week:
  • MGA1013 PENGANTAR PERNIAGAAN 12/05/2011 (Thursday)

Be careful in answering MCQ.. Opt the best one ! 

To myself, good luck ! :)

You too, my dearest friends!

على كل حال, بالتوفيق والنجاح

P/s: 1. Maybe this is my last post for April. Who knows? Busy in preparing and to give my best for the exam.
2. Recite this doa' before enter the exam hall: Rabbi yassir wala Tu'assir. May Allah ease all our dealings with. InsyaAllah. :)
3. Doa + Usaha + Ikhtiar + Tawakkal 
4. Anyway, today is Ashraf Muslim's engagement day. Many girls getting frustrated. Haha. I see this in FB.. Sabar la eh?

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