15 April 2011

The way I improve myself (part 2)


Now, I want to continue for part 2..

So, after I had been interviewed on Tuesday, on the next day, BMB 2 (my class) had conducted an event - Umsiyyah Thaqafiyyah- (Cultural Night)

Actually, we already got this task 2 weeks ago. Ustaz Adil gave us an offer to be the organizer for this event. Praise be to Allah for giving us this opportunity! If not, we need to perform a show like other groups...

To make this event become more manageable, we established a committee which, as usual, consists of:

1.Director - Fahmi, 
2. Co-director - Kak Rahmah, 
3. Program Coordinator - Mardhiah (ups, myself!), Wan, Aini
4. Publicity - Halimah, Nadhirah, Iqmal
5. Transportation - Rafi, Eman, safura
6. Technical - Iftitah, Luqman
7. Protocol - Fahmin, Alfaiz, Aina, Mariam, Shafiqah
8. Souvenir and Presents - Nasuha, Iffah, Salmeh, Syafinaz 
9. Beverages - Asma', Hidayah, Azam
10. Emcees - Athirah and Fatimah Farhana
11. Student representative in delivering speech - Fazlie

So, for the 2 weeks' story, I left those behind because it is behind the scene. Only the committee knew how CONFIDENTIAL it is! kweng3~

For this post, I will story you the event on that Wednesday night..

During evening, we did some rehearsal to make sure everything will run smoothly. I'm as PC was responsible to ensure everything under plan is followed.

So, after all preparations had been done, we start this event at 8.30pm. Alhamdulillah, with the helping of walkie-talkie, we; PC, Publicity, Protocol and others can communicate with easy way. Owh, I don't know what happened to us if there are no walkie-talkies~ And, it was my first time to use walkie-talkie.. Best! Haha. It's so fun using it~ "ROGER and OUT. Mar, masuk Mar~ Publisiti, PC here.. Get ready with montage, Play music~" Hahahaha! LOL..

Anyway, categories that being competed among participants were acting, choral speaking and dikir arab.. All after all, they followed the time required that is 10mins. However, there were certain groups that didn't follow the requirements and this made us very worried. Yeah, very worried because we afraid what we've planned will not tally with the tentative anymore.. Anyhow, we able to control the situations calmly to make this event run smoothly.. Yeah, all of these are PC's responsibility..

Owh yeah! Even we were the organizer, yet, the boys and Ustaz Adil performed theirs! They performed with full of enthusiasm especially Ustaz.. Haha. Don't think that Ustaz can't sing okay! Girls? Just be the audience.. hehe.

Em. To make this short, this event finished at 11.30pm; 30 mins late from what we have planned. Anyhow, all of us and audience felt so gleeful for that night~ Really enjoy this! Congratulations to the all winners. To those who didn't win any, don't be sad. Try next time ok? hehe.

Also,  we did a 'farewell' after that to celebrate our empty-stomach! Haha. All of us are starving but still can give full cooperation.. Jau'an3~ (Hungry in Arabic). After that, Ustaz Adil gave his appreciation speech and awarded us 95/100 marks for successfully conducted this event. And, what made us terharu, Ustaz said, "overall, dari 3 umsiyyah yang saya pernah pergi, umsiyyah kali ni berjalan lancar.. saya bagi kamu dari 100 markah..(buat suspen je)... 95 markah!" Hoho. We awarded ourself with big applause~ =)

To pen off this post, I would like to thanks all of you for giving full cooperation and praise be to Allah for giving us such this moment! All of us had done good job! =)

That's all!

Bye and wassalam.

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