20 April 2011

Think about ...

Owh. May I say something here?

Think about want to 'beremo-emo' tonight~

Think about the milo tabur...

Think about the economics note especially lecture 12: Globalisation.. The language is so HHIIIGHH! I can count how many I fallen asleep today just because of reading these notesss... *Argh! Can you see how desperate I am?*

That's why I'm so diligent to post everyday in my bloggie~


Think about my specky. I will make a new one tomorrow. Which style fit my face with someone said that I'm as chubby as watermelon.. Owh. Does it mean I need to wear it everyday later or sooner?

Think about when the exam will start and meet its end line?


Think about when I can finish read all of these books; Arabic, Da'wah (language problem.. lalala~), Economy (actually DONE too but need more understanding) and Muamalat. Marketing and Accounting done~~

Lastly, I like today and tomorrow maybe?! Hope too ... :)

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