18 April 2011

A tale of 'Like' button

Gooooooood morning awesome peeps! =)

Owh. At last, I did the e-nilai! Such an evaluation for our lecturers before we sit for the exam and also to get the 'slip masuk dewan'!

I did it nonchalantly using my handphone last night. Haha. So lazy to use the laptop!

So, I started the evaluation at 11.10pm and end at 11.40pm.. 30mins doing all this stuff!

Then, I'm thinking about the way the administration especially PPITM should update and upgrade it according to the current..

The way is LIKE button~ Haha. Now, we can see LIKE button is everywhere.

This can reduce our time in facing this kind of stuff which we, the students especially, did the evaluation just to get the 'slip masuk dewan'! And, of course they just click '10-Excellent'. They didn't want to think twice or thrice anymore as they think that their lecturers did a good job for the whole semester even sometimes not. Haha. Trust me, guys! Maybe about 10 or 20 percent did it honestly by giving various rate.. kweng3~

Anyway, it is a true that we LIKE and LOVE our lecturers!

My rate giving? Owh. Secret Recipe! =p

Okay. Happy study week!

P/s: 1. Haha. such a merepek post! Dala nak study ~ bye!
2. Miss, Puan, Sir, Prof... Don't worry. I gave the best, excellent for you! All of you did good job to give the best for us.. :)

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