09 April 2011

Like a breeze!

Touted to be the first of its kind in Malaysia, MPH Bookstores is proud to present book buying from a machine. While the concept is not new, it is certainly a fresh take for book buyers here. The machine will make its debut sometime in April and will be rolled out in stages. High traffic areas such as hospitals, banks and LRT stations are some of the places that have been identified as potential spots for the machine.

Such a breeze, right? Especially for those who like to read a lot like me! =) Maximize your free time as beneficial as you can! And, this will make your life like a line of colourful rainbow

For more news, click here: NST extract

That's all for this week ! FYI, I'm in study-for-exam mood right now! 6 subjects to be revised - Account, Economy, Marketing, Muamalat, Arabic and Da'wah.. Wish me luck ya!

P/s: I just delivered my completer moment at Section 4, Bandar Baru Bangi this evening. And, it was not my plan, actually, to go there. I just want to have a look on my sister's presentation on her completer moments.. Suddenly, teacher Mahiran introduced me to the audience (majority is new parents who had just enrolled their children at the centre). Owh! At that time, with contingency points in my mind, I introduced myself and the audience 'attacked' me with several questions! Anyway, it was a wonderful moment to be remembered. Thank you teacher Mahiran! <3

Wassalam. Take care!


mar mp 86's said...


P/s: I just delivered my completer moment at Section 4, Bandar Baru Bangi KUMON centre this evening.

mar mp 86's said...

Teacher Mahiran said, "adhoc plan.." ngeh3~