21 April 2011

New look!

Goooodd mornninggg awesome peeps! =)

My bloggie just turn to new look!

Look more calmly and softy...


Anyhow, that's why I called study week is still study week but still put yourself in relax mode for a while.
Take a deep breath to get fresh air in this study week
To those who are in this mode, get yourself a nap for a while (if you can't digest what you are reading), take steps out there, reach the world! =)

Let's watch this video for a while!


Hehe. ow ya! Yesterday, I went to Bangi, after fetch my sister at her school, suddenly rain fall heavily. And, many trees are fallen on the road. It looks like hurricane! These made the road jammed plus it was working-people-go-back-home time... So tired facing this jammed...

Okay. That's all..

P/s; suddenly, I don't know why I can't embed youtube video in this post.. :(

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