30 December 2010

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I would like to share with you, my time table for semester 2..

Be careful! This time table only suitable for those who followed QE02 course and still in BMB 2! =)

[click to enlarge the picture!]

let me tell the code first!








[code, name of subject, credit hour and group respectively..]

my comments about this time table:

1. monday, class would start at 8am! wah! subject da'wah.. fuyoh! and on that day a little bit packed but not so packed.. still has gap to continue for night class! pengantar perniagaan lecture..

2. tuesday, class would start at 8am again! omg! xpe2. then, next class starts at 2pm! then free! yeay!

3. on wednesday and thursday, a little bit free.. bleh lepak kt library! or jogging! haha. bakal wujudkan hobi baru since akan duduk kt dlm nnt! =p

4. friday, bleh balik awal! xd kelas! aha! teringat masa tamhidi dulu pun xd kelas.. owh. bleh buat banyak aktiviti kelas! hehe

5. macam banyak lecture kt DKP je.. it's means bercampur dengan course lain la.. ayaii.. adakah mcm ICT?! xmahu!! xbest!

6. okey! sy rasa sangat bersemangat sekarang nk masuk sem 2! =))

that's all! enjoy your last 4 days holidays!

anyone want to comment? feel free! =)

Say what, guys? Alhamdulillah! =)

" Give thanks to Allah,
For the moon and the stars
Prays in all day for,
What is and what was
Allah is Ghafoor Allah is Raheem Allah is the one who loves the Mohsineen,
He is a creator, He is a sustainer and He is the one who has power over all. "

Zain Bikha- Give Thanks to Allah..

That's the 1st word I said when I can reach the e-wadi and the result appeared..

I've been waiting for so long since 5.30pm *6.30pm-malaysia time*, 29th december to access the ewadi.. and at that time, so many USIM students accessed ewadi at the same time and it made the server becomes slower like turtle *aah! kura lagi laju tau!*..

my mom said, "USIM should upgrade their server to the highest Mbps!' and now, the highest internet speed currently commercially available in the world, runs at 1Gbps.. aisey..

until, I'm getting bored to refresh the url and whatsoever to get into! pity on me..

luckily, YM and Facebook are my companions on that night. hehe. chatting and updating status.. hoho. *berape bnyk status entah update dlm 1 malam! hehe*

until 12 am *1 am-malaysia time* i gave up already! sleepy!~ then, I decided to let my laptop just on for tomorrow morning *30th december*, I will refresh the url when I wake up! haha

dreaming during sleep with the message got into my hp inbox, I woke up at 5.38am.. *haha. for sure, I tido2 ayam! eei. xlena langsung.. tah pape punye mimpi!* then got thru to the ewadi.

alhamdulillah, it can be accessed easily than yesterday.. yeah. maybe usim students still under their blanket.. hoho.. pe lagi, serbu la Al-Aliyyah.. hehe. and i let syeikh saad said al-ghamidi's al-quran recitation played at my laptop... that is one of halimah's petua to get easily access to ewadi! and it's worked! hehe

at 5.18am *6.18am -malaysia time*, as subuh azan from nearest mosque *at thailand* had been loud out *owh. btolkah ayat ni? haha..*, my result at ewadi appeared. alhamdulillah! never expected to have more than that!

i told my family about this good news! huhu.. okay.. the end..

until now, 9.27am *10.27am malaysia time* i didn't sleep back even I don't have enough rest! *haha. perlu ke beritahu? maybe happy sgt! =)*

to all my friends, congratulations for any what result u got! say thanks to Allah for giving such precious result.. Allah Ar-Razak.. =)

and, at this moment, I would like to share my tips on how to get your day 'brighter' before go to campus or anywhere! i have try it!

1. read Al-ma'thurat every morning.. you can do it on the way to campus.. rather than you don't do anything, fill it with something beneficial!

2. perform dhuha prayer when you have time. I left you with some hadith..

Dalam satu riwayat Rasulullah SAW bersabda yang maksudnya : “Barangsiapa yang menjaga sembahyang Dhuhanya nescaya diampuni Allah baginya akan segala dosanya walaupun seperti buih dilautan.”

(Riwayat Ibnu Majah dan At-Tirmidzi)

Dan daripada Anas bin Malik Radhiallahu ‘anhu berkata: “Aku mendengar Rasulullah SAW berkata: “Barangsiapa yang mengerjakan sembahyang sunat Dhuha dua belas rakaat dibina akan Allah baginya sebuah mahligai daripada emas”

(Riwayat Ibnu Majah dan Tirmidzi)

p/s: 1. wanna share with me, your result? i will, if you! =)

2. have you say Alhamdulillah for today's life? Alhamdulillah.. *say it together!"

27 December 2010

Just want to tell you good news! =)

[for illustration purpose only! =p]

Confirmed: IPTAs change to Summer Break Academic Term - Four Months Semester Break in 2011

Rumour has it that all Malaysia local public universities (IPTA such as UM, USM, UKM, UPM [*USIM too]...) will follow the summer break semester system from the next intake (2011/2012) onwards. Tracing the origin of the rumour, which has been circulating for a few months now, often reaches lecturers or officials as the sources. Neither Ministry of Higher Education (MOHE) has announced this officially nor do any of the IPTA.

Nonetheless, with the announcement of important dates for next IPTA intake (2011/2012), which is September 3 and 4, 2011 (register on Saturday or Sunday depending which state the university located), it is safe now to say that this has been confirmed. Not all local public universities have updated their academic calendar to reflect this new change, but a few efficient ones like University Utara Malaysia (UUM) and University Kebangsaan Malaysia (UKM) have updated theirs. [USIM has updated!]

Please take note that first year students will need to attend an one week orientation, which is the reason why their intake registration day is September 3 (Saturday) or 4 (Sunday) [okayy! no need to join the taaruf week anymore! =)], 2011 while second year and above will commence their new academic year on September 11 (Sunday) or 12 (Monday), 2011. Also, depending on your IPTA, you will enjoy “summer break” between 15 to 17 weeks!

Note that this unbelievably long (four weeks!) semester break will only happen in 2011, as the current semester system is adjusting to the newly implemented one for the first time. From that onwards, the first semester break in January/February will last for four weeks (one month) and in July till September for 12 weeks (approximately three months).

It is believed that this reason for this change is to attract more international students to further their studies here. By changing the tertiary semester system to be more aligned with the international academic term, it will make local public universities more appealing to international students. [owh. there will be more international students here. can we, at USIM? it will become more interesting if they can join us at USIM! ;)]

Now, any ideas how will you spend the coming 15 to 17 weeks “summer break”? Internship, part-time, travel, activities, holiday courses? Read our suggestion on how to spend your school holiday wisely.


Copy and paste from: http://www.malaysia-students.com/2010/12/ipta-follow-international-summer-break.html

hi guys! hehe.

Waiting for the next post about Bangkok revisited? wait ya! i will update soon.

Right now, I got good news to tell you. so, why not, i share it with all of you, right? haha. as one of my friend said, "I'm such a good PA!" lalala~

So, before you getting like frog underneath coconut shell [okay. this idiom can be used, guys! click here], let me be the first tell this! hehe. aiwaaah!

and, to get all of you believe with this news, i'm leaving you with the Academic Calendar - Undergraduate 2011/2012 link.

okay, that's all from me. have a nice holiday, then!

p/s: 1. Semester 2 will show its 'face' soon. but i'm already post about the future! hehe. nevermind, we look forward for the future. let bygones be bygones! =) yeeha!owh! kinda like i'm so happy right now! because smell of spaghetti can be smelt at hear, BON APPETIT!

2. adios! don't get jealous with my spaghetti! =p! i will enjoy it with tea.. ulalala~

25 December 2010

Bangkok Revisited 1

Salam and sawadeekap..

First of all, frankly speaking, a picture can describe more than words, right? So, just browsing okey?! :)

So, today, we went to Nongnooch Garden & Resort, Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand..

Entrance of Nongnooch Garden & Resort

We need to pay the entrance fee first at the entrance. Adult = 50 Baht = RM 5. Children = Free!
The fee is so affordable because we can watch Thai Cultural Performance, Elephant Show, visiting many types of garden (magnificient garden, french garden, arapaima pond, etc) and many more with RM 5 only! I can't describe THOSE by words, you know! =)

Toink3. Trying to be a PRO photographer. *Nad, lawa tak? hehe.* Preserved corn. I don't know what the function is. Just for fun, maybe?! Em. better let me eat! hehe

Thai Cultural Show. I thought this is the fifth of seventh show that had been performed. So many maa! The first one was so bored! huhu.

Name: Unknown. hehe. But it looks alike... em. I don't want to comment anything.. hehe. Anyway, it's so nice! I like it! =)

Elephant Show 1: Riding bicycle

Haha. the elephants at here had been well-trained to perform many performances and tricks to us, the spectators..

And, the one that had attracted me so much is this, riding bicycle! their bicycle is so huge! can you see the pedal? haha. it is well-fitted to his/her feet!

Elephant Show 2 : playing bowling!

alalala. while i watched this, guess what?! I'm thinking of my bowling club and BMB 2's bowling tournament! haha. Look! They can play bowling too. haha. Just nice, no longkang!

Okey. that's all. Currently, I'm addicted to photo-editing. So, sempat buat 5 ni je. Ala. baru beginner. wt cincai2 la dulu. hehe. huargh! Sleepy~~ esok subuh bangun lewat plak.. kweng3. Later, I will update more okey! pictures at gardennnsss! =) Adios!

P/s: 1. Im sorry if there are many grammatical or spelling error. I'm so sleepy when writing this post. Night, everyone. :)

24 December 2010



Hi guys! How your holiday?! hehe

Em. I like this time holiday! Why?

Because I need and indeed to close the textbook for a while and read a pile of novels! haha.

and as this holiday same goes as the school holiday, so, that means i need to accompany my lil sister playing and playing whatever she has!

she loves to bring along her scrabble anywhere we go. so, it seems that I need to play with her. If not, she would say "tak ada siapa nak layan adik!" and she will start to express her pity face.. T_T

so, I just played scrabble with her this morning as what I've promised to yesterday. *hehe. dia ajak main semalam tapi da ngantok! ^_^''

tadaa! and this is the result! kweng3. main dengan budak kecik, ayat pun mudah2 je la kan? and we totally ignore the rules and sometimes I built those words using short term! hahaha. playing for pleasure right?! and she totally satisfied with this game!

moreover, it's kinda like enhance my thinking skill for a while after had been put aside for these 2 weeks! hehe

okey.. end of for the scrabble session...

and, what a surprise, I like to watch KBS World this holiday! mcm hensem pulak org2 korea ni. mcm sopan je cakap dia.. hehe

owh ya! this is my breakfast meal for yesterday and today at Valida Residence, Pattaya, Thailand. a plate of fish fillet, half-cooked egg and 3 pieces of tomato, a cup of tea *yesterday* and cocoa *today*, and 2 pieces of bread with strawberry and butter spread!

hm. da free kan, makan jela.. it seems that tomorrow would be the same meal! xpe. last day okey! nak minta air lain plak! hehe =)

okey. take care! bye.. wassalam..

p/s: at this moment, i would like to wish happy 19th bday to my dear best friend, auni! da besar kamu! :) hadiah da bg kan hr tu? haha

22 December 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Finally, I got the idea what to post about at my bloggie! :)

Hm. sorry. I overlooked that you already 2 years old, my dear blog.

It was your birthday last 14th December..

December is the busiest month for me.

1. I was busy with ELSP on that day and forgot to wish you.. and kinda of tired till I fell asleep early than usual after attending the 8 days-course.. Performed boria show, debate, get my G-4-4-3 room clean because of we had been transferred to Kolej Kediaman 1 next year and bla bla bla.. many things you know! And also, 'masalah jiwa' that had been spreaded into my soul till I'm so moody to attend the LSPs! *sigh* okey! It's over already! hehe

2. The month that should be 4 weeks of holiday had been shorten to 2 weeks. So, it's kinda like i need to close my '2010 account' in hurry! Tidy up my room to welcoming 2011! LOL! And 'muhasabah diri' for a while what I've done for this year. What a good thing should be bring forward and other things that are so bad left them behind! hehe

No matter what, I'm still love you. Like to touch-up you with what I think suitable for u. hehe.

And, right now, many visitors had visited you and at this moment it's already 13847!

Whatever it is, I'm gonna wishing u,


Do your good deeds till ever, my dear! :)

P/s: My dear readers, wish her ya! Thanks for being such loyal visitors; silent or 'loud'! hehe.

And this link is my post of 1st anniversary! have a visit ya!

I will survive!


Just do the gimmick first. I will post about it soon! Trying to survive with what I have right now! Praise be to Allah, I can survive! hehe.. Just wait ya.

20 December 2010

Ujian Itu... Sungguh...!

Ujian Allah datang dalam pelbagai bentuk. Dahulu aku melihat orang lain sentiasa diuji dengan pelbagai dugaan. Sakit, kehilangan harta benda, kehilangan orang tersayang. Itu tandanya Allah masih ingat akan kita. Dia mahu menguji hambanya supaya jika kita bersabar, insyaAllah kita kan mendapat ganjaran.

Dan aku tertanya, kenapa aku tidak pernah diuji dengan segala cabaran yang aku lihat terpaksa dipikul oleh orang lain? Lupakah Allah kepada aku?
Atau Allah sudah tidak sayang kepada aku?

Kemudian aku tersedar, yang ujian Allah itu juga boleh datang dalam bentuk kesenangan. Dan kadang-kadang kesenangan itu lebih berat ujiannya daripada kesusahan. Oh, aku sedang diuji waktu itu tanpa aku sedari.

Persoalannya, luluskah aku dengan ujian itu? Hanya Allah yang tahu.

Dan sekarang, mungkin Allah mahu aku merasa ujian yang aku pernah 'minta' dahulu. Ujian dalam bentuk kesusahan.
Susahnya kehidupan seorang pelajar.

Tidak pernah diduga oleh aku yang Allah akan menguji aku dalam bentuk ini. Kerana dahulu, soal pelajaran tidak pernah menjadi satu masalah.

Tetapi aku tahu. Allah tidak akan pernah menguji hamba-Nya dengan ujian yang tidak terdaya oleh kita. Persoalannya, mampukah aku lulus dengan ujian ini?

Setiap perkara yang berlaku, baik buruk mahupun baik, ada hikmahnya. Andai aku gagal dalam ujian ini, mungkin ada hikmahnya. Allah ada perancangan yang lebih baik untuk aku, lebih baik daripada perancangan manusia untuk aku.

Namun, aku hidup dengan manusia. Terarah dengan jangkaan, harapan dan sangkaan manusia. Sedar atau tidak, aku terpasa memenuhi semua tuntutan itu. Sehingga aku mungkin lupa yang kehendak Allah jauh melangkau segalanya.


Copy and paste dari: http://www.iluvislam.com/inspirasi/kembara-hidup/1329-ujian-itu.html

P/s: 1. Selamat menghadapi ujian.. hadapinya dengan tenang.. Jangan salahkan takdir! :)

2. hm. Allah tahu kamu bisa hadapi ujian "barang dirampas tika check-in" di KLIA tempoh hari! senyum ja..

18 December 2010

Big Girls Don't Cry...

[play! play! play!]

pesanan penaja: mar, jangan nanges da! da besar!
mar: tapi, bila da nanges rasa tenang sikit. sbb bila da nanges, mata rase mcm nak tidur. so, the best cure to forget the problem is to have a sleep! hehe..

p/s: 1. ada sesiapa setuju tak?! hehe

2. baru teringat, ada lagu "Big Girls Don't Cry". tu yg letak tu..hehe. dan, kebetulan pula, ada sekali tu, form 1 kot. nanges sbb ape tah, and tengah makan kat Burger King, KLIA.. sekali ada lagu ni play kt BK... hehe.. terus da x nanges! hoho.. =p

3. okeyy! big girls outside there, don't cry cry ya! :)

17 December 2010

To be in distance for a while...

1st expression:

... doesn't mean we need to forget each other!

Whatever it is, just be strong, just bertahan! =)

It's kinda test of loyalty..

Wherever we are, keep praying to Him to decide the best faith for us!

2nd expression:

Em. just before the holiday began last 2 days, there are so many things happened around me and they had made me happy whole day..

1. Thanks to Muna for described me as INTELLIGENT, CONSCIENTIOUS, DILIGENT, ACCOMPLISHED, RESPONSIBLE, WELL-DISCIPLINED, SOPHISTICATED, LOYAL and sometimes TEMPERAMENTAL person << owh! the last one, is the -ve one.. hehe. you made me proud of you.. and made me smile for whole day.. and yeah! don't forget, our initial start with M!

2. Yaya, you made me want to cry when you hug me tightly before I went back home.. and I already advised you to drive carefully to Penang. don't drift and have a good rest before driving! and Alhamdulillah she reached her hometown safely...

3. Nad - the petite girl- don't look her with one eye! hehe. she drove me home with her Satria Neo.. haha.. lastly, I 'merasa' jugak your driving passion! kweng3..

4. last but not least, someone already asked me to "bertahan" for this whole 2 weeks holiday and .. okeyy.. kind of! take care. take care. take care. *we're in chemistry for last day of Sem 1 -thanks! =) *

5. and everyone la... don't angry ya! cheers! =)

3rd expression:

And, I really like this " when I love people, I would love them the way they're, because I also fell in love with the qualities within, not just the physical person outside.." quoted Fittya Qhaisara..

p/s: em. who is i fall in love with actually?! ayok, mar! perasan sorg2. haha!


with lots of love,
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15 December 2010

When suddenly I need to debate...

Yeah! exactly!

it was 9 months ago, i participated in debate. and today, in history, i did it again in ELSP class! wallawey! haha

it's nice to see people who never ever in debate and they did it enthusiastically! hehe. and, nice quote i ever heard and received from the prime minister of government side was "you are only.. definitely!" haha. FYI, im at opposition and it's means he agreed with my statement!

haha. never mind. we did it for leisure and Ms Suraya said "Everyone is talented!" em. anyway, i'm still a beginner which is in learning process and try to be the one who can speak spontaneously without er and em - pausing for a few seconds... =p

p/s: ALSP and ELSP just ended their days today! so, what are your plans for this coming 2 weeks holiday?! have a nice holiday, then!=)

10 December 2010

thanks so much!!

[ smiling star like the owner a.k.a me!... =) ]

em. em. em. this post specially decicate to anyone who had made my life so wonderrrfulll this week although in disastrous LSP mood.. hehe.. sorry3. not disastrous anymore. but a little bit when i want to go back home.. whoa! buses services are so bad, u know!

ok3. forget about it!

yeah! you, you... tepi sikit.. aik. u la.. come here.. hehe

i'm wanna say


u never made me smile till the ears like this. kadang2 normal smile je.. like this =) hehe..

ok. take care!

p/s: omg.. adakah saya akan tidur dengan smile yg sgt extraordinary malam ni? hehe. sweet dream! =)))

07 December 2010


Em.. as simple as = and ( my post title!

[group 54]

1. LSPs will start tomorrow! i'm really hate the 8 days in a row 'package'.. no chance for rest in the weekend.. baru ingat nak pergi jalan2 ke ape ke. =(

2. about 3/4 of group 54's members for these LSPs are from FSU students.. and only 4 students from FEM (QE02), namely 2 guys, muna and me.. don't let them conquer the class! mar, kamu mesti participate jugak! keluarkan suara! *owh! possible kah? arab nanti mesti aku banyak x bersuara! muna, tabah eh? =( can you give me a piece of inspiration? waa! nasib ada kamu! love ya so much!

3. and, the first LSP will be Arabic.. oh! tabah ye! pagi2 lagi da ada motivasi.. maybe they want to motivate us including me that are so LAZY and maybe the LAZIEST person to participate! rasa mcm xpernah semalas ni.. and the reason why i acted like this because of the LSP's duration: 8am-5pm..!! wah3! mcm pergi sekolah pulak! lepas tu weekend pun ad jugak! =(

4. the actual holiday that should be a month after the exam finished, had been scheduled to 2 weeks only! and right now, saya rasa macam malas nak balik nilam.. my mom just asked me a few minutes ago, "bila nak balik? petang atau lepas maghrib?" me, "entahlah! tengoklah habis kemas bila." haha. nampak gayanya balik lepas maghrib la.. ni dok update blog ni.. lalalala~

5. ok la.. adios! take care! kamu kamu kamu yg ada LSP jgak, selamat berLSP la ye!

p/s: bestnye group 4 dan 43, ramai budak akaun! sy masih xkenal lagi ramai kawan2 FEM.. yg g54 tu ramai budak tamhidi law dulu.. so, bnyk yg da kenal..

03 December 2010

Movies Marathon... =)


Habis sudah final exam utk semester 1 2010/2011..

Apa-apa pun setelah 2 minggu berhempas pulas memerah otak dan membaca buku sambil terlentok2 especially subject membaca *titas, etnik* =), let's just keep pray for good result..

whatever it is, 8 dis ni sambung balik ALSP/ELSP ke-2! em. 8 hari berturut2 till 16th december! da sedia?

em. kol 11am td lepas habis exam english, kami budak2 perempuan BMB 2 "bergegas" *hiperbola semata2!* ke LIBRARY CINEMA (LC) untuk menjayakan MOVIE MARATHON (MM)..

lalu, kami berjaya menonton 1 setengah filem.. 21 hari andartu terlampau *ok. sgt sexy ctenye..* and confession of shopaholic *3/4 je sbb bdk laki da da sampai utk tayangan movie arab plak..*

so, buat la cabutan malang ala2 bertuah utk tentukan siapa tayangkan movie dia dulu..

[barisan pelakon2 movie arab]

1st movie - ALA KULLI HAL- ye ye. sy macam da malu jp. jd asy-shurthiah! kweng3. semua macam suka bila nad bawa bus yg MOTIONLESS itu! =p duration: 16mins...

2nd movie - AR-RIJAL- ala2 power rangers versi ARAB.. credit la kt semua yg sanggup terjun masuk tasik, buat wall climbing kt PKP, masuk longkang yg WATERLESS, etc.. credit to editor-cum-director of this kind-of-20th century movie. hehe. u all punya movie is the longest one; 30++mins..

3rd movie - CINDELULU- haha. ske part cindelulu berbahagia ngn raja zamrud tu.. cm sweet.. kongsi air! alahai! raja zamrud, kamu sgt ROMANTIC! duration: 16 mins too..

4th movie - will be released soon- LA SYUKRAN ALA WAJIB.. sy da tengok.. lalala~ VVIP preview before screening to public.. =p

okeyy.. chow lu.. pasni nak sambung balik shopaholic yg tergantung tu..

1. penat juga jadi pelakon ni kan.. asyik dok cut, xjadi la etc.. xnak jd pelakon da!

2. alhamdulillah. dengan berakhirnye MM di LC td tamatla sudah duty sy sebagai class rep BMB 2.. titas said, "invasion... hehe". terima kasih semua kerana memberikan kerjasama yg sangat baik walaupun ada salah faham yg kamu semua xtahu sebelum MM ini dilakukan. hanya sy dan dia tahu.. =( okeyy.. no more sedih2.. cheers guys! =)