22 December 2010

Happy 2nd Anniversary!


Finally, I got the idea what to post about at my bloggie! :)

Hm. sorry. I overlooked that you already 2 years old, my dear blog.

It was your birthday last 14th December..

December is the busiest month for me.

1. I was busy with ELSP on that day and forgot to wish you.. and kinda of tired till I fell asleep early than usual after attending the 8 days-course.. Performed boria show, debate, get my G-4-4-3 room clean because of we had been transferred to Kolej Kediaman 1 next year and bla bla bla.. many things you know! And also, 'masalah jiwa' that had been spreaded into my soul till I'm so moody to attend the LSPs! *sigh* okey! It's over already! hehe

2. The month that should be 4 weeks of holiday had been shorten to 2 weeks. So, it's kinda like i need to close my '2010 account' in hurry! Tidy up my room to welcoming 2011! LOL! And 'muhasabah diri' for a while what I've done for this year. What a good thing should be bring forward and other things that are so bad left them behind! hehe

No matter what, I'm still love you. Like to touch-up you with what I think suitable for u. hehe.

And, right now, many visitors had visited you and at this moment it's already 13847!

Whatever it is, I'm gonna wishing u,


Do your good deeds till ever, my dear! :)

P/s: My dear readers, wish her ya! Thanks for being such loyal visitors; silent or 'loud'! hehe.

And this link is my post of 1st anniversary! have a visit ya!

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