15 December 2010

When suddenly I need to debate...

Yeah! exactly!

it was 9 months ago, i participated in debate. and today, in history, i did it again in ELSP class! wallawey! haha

it's nice to see people who never ever in debate and they did it enthusiastically! hehe. and, nice quote i ever heard and received from the prime minister of government side was "you are only.. definitely!" haha. FYI, im at opposition and it's means he agreed with my statement!

haha. never mind. we did it for leisure and Ms Suraya said "Everyone is talented!" em. anyway, i'm still a beginner which is in learning process and try to be the one who can speak spontaneously without er and em - pausing for a few seconds... =p

p/s: ALSP and ELSP just ended their days today! so, what are your plans for this coming 2 weeks holiday?! have a nice holiday, then!=)

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