25 December 2010

Bangkok Revisited 1

Salam and sawadeekap..

First of all, frankly speaking, a picture can describe more than words, right? So, just browsing okey?! :)

So, today, we went to Nongnooch Garden & Resort, Sattahip, Chonburi, Thailand..

Entrance of Nongnooch Garden & Resort

We need to pay the entrance fee first at the entrance. Adult = 50 Baht = RM 5. Children = Free!
The fee is so affordable because we can watch Thai Cultural Performance, Elephant Show, visiting many types of garden (magnificient garden, french garden, arapaima pond, etc) and many more with RM 5 only! I can't describe THOSE by words, you know! =)

Toink3. Trying to be a PRO photographer. *Nad, lawa tak? hehe.* Preserved corn. I don't know what the function is. Just for fun, maybe?! Em. better let me eat! hehe

Thai Cultural Show. I thought this is the fifth of seventh show that had been performed. So many maa! The first one was so bored! huhu.

Name: Unknown. hehe. But it looks alike... em. I don't want to comment anything.. hehe. Anyway, it's so nice! I like it! =)

Elephant Show 1: Riding bicycle

Haha. the elephants at here had been well-trained to perform many performances and tricks to us, the spectators..

And, the one that had attracted me so much is this, riding bicycle! their bicycle is so huge! can you see the pedal? haha. it is well-fitted to his/her feet!

Elephant Show 2 : playing bowling!

alalala. while i watched this, guess what?! I'm thinking of my bowling club and BMB 2's bowling tournament! haha. Look! They can play bowling too. haha. Just nice, no longkang!

Okey. that's all. Currently, I'm addicted to photo-editing. So, sempat buat 5 ni je. Ala. baru beginner. wt cincai2 la dulu. hehe. huargh! Sleepy~~ esok subuh bangun lewat plak.. kweng3. Later, I will update more okey! pictures at gardennnsss! =) Adios!

P/s: 1. Im sorry if there are many grammatical or spelling error. I'm so sleepy when writing this post. Night, everyone. :)

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