24 December 2010



Hi guys! How your holiday?! hehe

Em. I like this time holiday! Why?

Because I need and indeed to close the textbook for a while and read a pile of novels! haha.

and as this holiday same goes as the school holiday, so, that means i need to accompany my lil sister playing and playing whatever she has!

she loves to bring along her scrabble anywhere we go. so, it seems that I need to play with her. If not, she would say "tak ada siapa nak layan adik!" and she will start to express her pity face.. T_T

so, I just played scrabble with her this morning as what I've promised to yesterday. *hehe. dia ajak main semalam tapi da ngantok! ^_^''

tadaa! and this is the result! kweng3. main dengan budak kecik, ayat pun mudah2 je la kan? and we totally ignore the rules and sometimes I built those words using short term! hahaha. playing for pleasure right?! and she totally satisfied with this game!

moreover, it's kinda like enhance my thinking skill for a while after had been put aside for these 2 weeks! hehe

okey.. end of for the scrabble session...

and, what a surprise, I like to watch KBS World this holiday! mcm hensem pulak org2 korea ni. mcm sopan je cakap dia.. hehe

owh ya! this is my breakfast meal for yesterday and today at Valida Residence, Pattaya, Thailand. a plate of fish fillet, half-cooked egg and 3 pieces of tomato, a cup of tea *yesterday* and cocoa *today*, and 2 pieces of bread with strawberry and butter spread!

hm. da free kan, makan jela.. it seems that tomorrow would be the same meal! xpe. last day okey! nak minta air lain plak! hehe =)

okey. take care! bye.. wassalam..

p/s: at this moment, i would like to wish happy 19th bday to my dear best friend, auni! da besar kamu! :) hadiah da bg kan hr tu? haha

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