31 October 2012

#3 From Top to Toe : Face


Naaa... Hari ni nak update awal sket daripada biasa since malam ni nak fokus untuk study quiz and midterm so no more LAPPY ya! :)

Okay, for the third episode, let me introduce you to The Body Shop Tea Tree Skin Care which I'm currently use and falling in love at the first sight! :)

I just use these product range in early this year. Not bad, I really satisfied with these... :D

For the first time, my mom introduced me to Tea Tree Oil untuk kurangkan acne. Yeah, sorta esok tu da kecut acne tu. and, mmg satisfy la. hee. guna lagi on the 2nd day, the acne just dried and fade away. So, no need la to picit kan? nanti tinggalkan bekas pulak.

 and, dijadikan cerita, Tea Tree Oil tu da habis lepas da guna banyak kali, so I've decided to buy one at The Body Shop, then a promoter came to me to show a Tea Tree Skin Care Kit. semua ada. cleanser, toner, moisturiser and oil.

Tea Tree Skin Care Kit
Tea Tree Skin Care Kit

She asked me to try this set while there is sale masa tu and without hesitate, I just bought it. In 2 weeks, all blemishes in my face getting fade away. So, lepas da habis 1 kit ni, memang terus beli yang set 1 botol besar sebab memang puas hati dengan hasilnya. hee

1st step:

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Facial Wash

A cleansing gel-based facial wash, suitable for everyday use to help clear and prevent blemishes, removing excess oil without overdrying the skin.

*masa pakai ni rasa berangin hasil kesan Tea Tree Oil tu*

2nd step:

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Toner 

Features a new ‘shake to activate‘ refreshing formula to effectively tone the skin, remove traces of impurities while leaving skin looking matte and without drying out your skin.

*masa mula2 pakai sakit sikit if ade acne yg merah. but lama2 da biasa. it refreshes!*

3rd step:

Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion
Tea Tree Skin Clearing Lotion

A beautifully light and moisturising lotion that sinks into the skin to hydrate and help clear and prevent blemishes. This lotion also contains powders for shine control. Skin appears matte.

*yg ni moisturiser for day. segar sangat lepas tu. so, apply it directly after use the toner*

4th step:

Tea Tree Oil
Tea Tree Oil

A natural solution to help keep skin looking clear. Helps soothe blemished skin.

*yg ni pulak, suggested guna kalau ade acne kt muka, letak setitik kat jari and put it at the acne, inshaAllah in 1-2 days jerawat kecut. i selalu pakai malam sblm tdo.*

5th Step:

Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion
Tea Tree Blemish Fade Night Lotion

This lightweight soothing gel crème sinks into the skin to help improve the appearance of blemish-damaged skin and equalise oiliness and replenish moisture while you sleep.

*yg ni moisturiser in the night. sesuai pakai sblm tidur.. :D*

[CREDIT] <---- Click for another products

Frankly speaking, these product range are suitable to banish blemishes ie acne, blackhead.

I used to use these 5 products. There are about 15 products in this range. Check it out!

Kalau nak tau which type of product suitable for u, have a try on this skin diagnostic!

P/s: Long time ago, I have bad oily acne-face. (Biasala, teenager pun nama. heh.) Macam segan jerawat banyak. lagi2 kalau nak buat presentation kt kelas. hahaha. *SLAPFACE*

30 October 2012

#2 From Top to Toe : Tooth


Here I am for another episode of From Top to Toe. So, before I go further in my tooth care, let's watch this video first! :D (p/s: please pause the song at the bottom first. sorry for the inconvenience)

Amacam, gempak x iklan ubat gigi? Haha

So, right now, I am Sensodyne user! Hoyeaahh! Baru je pakai last eid adha, 26th Oct 2012.

Nak tau kenapa I use this product now? sebab last week, I experienced toothache yg menyebabkan gue x boleh tido lena. asyik terbangun je each time 5 mins terlelap. mmg menangis sorang2 la masa sakit gigi, sampai tdo pukul 3am! sabar jela. at last, esok tu tekad g dentist dengan beraninya sorang2. heh. lepas da dapatkan rawatan tu, the ache berkurang but somehow, when I tried to drink iced soya during the dinner, tetiba sakit sampai rasa mcm tanak cakap dengan sesiapa. :( even, kalau pakai ubat gigi biasa pun rasa sakit, ngilu

and, during last Friday, my family went to One Utama Shopping Centre, suddenly ternampak iklan Sensodyne Repair and Protect before enter into the parking bay. seriously rasa teruja dgn iklan tu! then, terus cakap ngn mama, "ma, nanti nak beli Sensodyne la!" <---- pengaruh iklan. haha

and lepas da shopping semua, terus g Guardian and the promoter asked, "yes Miss, cari ape?". and I said, "Sensodyne ade?" hahaha. terus dia bawa g tempat toothpaste range! lepas tu teruja sbb nampak the exact yg macam kt iklan td! terus grab without hesitate! and, grab jugak Colgate 360' Sensitive toothbrush. sbb masa tu tengah sale kt Guardian. lagipun berus gigi da cukup3 bulan guna, so, kena tukar. :D

Sensodyne Repair & Protect

Do you have occasional tooth twinges? Do you notice sudden, short bursts of sensitivity?  If so, it could be a sign that your teeth have vulnerable areas of exposed dentine, a primary cause of sensitivity. It's possible to repair those areas with a Sensodyne toothpaste. Sensodyne Repair & Protect contains patented NovaMin® technology, which seeks out and forms a tooth-like layer over vulnerable areas of the tooth where dentine is exposed. Use twice a day, every day, to continuously help repair*, strengthen and protect your teeth from sensitivity.  [CREDIT]

and, I am so glad that Sensodyne is HALAL because before this, I used to use Mu'min toothpaste. so GLAD! hee. for about now, my sensitivity towards hot drink had been reduced and I try to avoid to drink ICED!

Colgate 360' Sensitive Toothbrush structure

so, what's the difference between this toothbrush and others? 

Colgate 360 Sensitive toothbrush gives a gentle yet superior clean, and with its unique cheek and tongue cleaner removes more bacteria for a whole mouth clean.

Colgate 360 Sensitive toothbrush offers technologically advanced features such as textured tongue cleaner, tapered interdental bristles, polishing cups, cleaning tip, soft bristles, and a comfort grip.

Colgate 360 Sensitive toothbrush contains soft bristles which gently massage your gumline while giving your teeth a deep cleaning. [CREDIT]

conventional toothbrush is not so soft as this toothbrush. yup. people with sensitive tooth need to brush theirs gently so as to avoid the sensitive one triggered :) and, I love this toothbrush sbb ade tongue cleaner! 

as conclusion, to my dear readers, for those who have sensitive tooth, I'm recommending u all to use SENSODYNE and Colgate 360' Sensitive Toothbrush!

29 October 2012

#1 From Top to Toe : Top

Salam uolss!

Yeah! At last, I have time to update my blog. Why? Because I'm in mid sem break! HOORAAY! (haha. xpayah nak hooraay sgt la kan? assignment kena buat, buku kena baca)

By the way, for this time post, I want to share with all of u my "From Top to Toe"! Aha! Why? Sebab ada la beberapa mates tanya, "eh, u pakai shampoo ape eh? Nape mcm wangi?" (not the exact dialog okay!)

So, let me start from the TOP which is the shampoo that I'm currently using.

Feather Nature Plus Shampoo

Revitalises dry hair with split-ends for moisturized, perfectly weighted hair.
With a new formula upgrade, the improved Perfect Care shampoo with conditioner is the perfect blend for long lasting perfect hair. Combined with Nature Plus, a 100% natural formulation with moisturizing qualities of Avocado extract and Camellia oil from Japan, Feather’s Perfect Care shampoo deeply nourishes the hair and scalp from within. Together with the improved Feather Perfect Care treatment conditioner, you can now have perfectly weighted, easy to manage, and stronger hair. [CREDIT]

I like to consume animal-free products, frankly, it's plant-based ingredients; 100% natural ingredients. So that NO animals fat etc kn? Memang best sangat shampoo ni sbb bila pakai je WANGI tu memang semerbak! and, rambut pun ringan. Lepas tu, yang paling best, shampoo ni 2 in 1; shampoo + conditioner. So, da jimat duit kat situ. No need to buy another bottle of conditioner.

Before this, I used to consume shampoo that has so many chemical ingredients on it. But somehow, rambut gugur makin menjadi2.  Sape nak kan? My friend said that sbb shampoo tu banyak sangat bahan kimia. Then, I switched to this shampoo. Sejak dari tu, I always check ingredients on something yang mana banyak sangat chemical substance, I REJECT! I suggest to use 3-4 times shampooing. Selang seli shampoo (Isnin-Rabu-Jumaat-Sabtu or Ahad) because we as hijab women use to wear tudung everyday. Rambut tu pulak duduk dalam scarf dgn lamanya. and, please don't shampoo during morning bath sbb lepas tu nak pakai tudung nak g kelas or ofis, so, better shampoo after balik dari kelas or ofis. :)

Okay, right after shampooing, please make sure rambut uolls kering dulu baru sikat. No need to kering sangat but somehow, jangan rambut basah lagi, uolls da sikat lepas tu ikat rambut! Wah! Pantang bangat gue! Let the hair dry naturally for about 5mins lepas tu sikat la. So that xdela uolls sikat dengan air dari rambut tu terpercik sampai kat lantai kan? haha. jenis sikat tu terpulang pada masing2, ade org suka pakai sikat mcm atas ni, ade org suka pakai brush comb yg besar tu. terpulang! :)

And, don't directly tie your hair after combing it. Let the hair breath first. Ni tidak, lepas shampoo atau basuh terus ikat, kesian la rambut tu, x bernafas. Huuhee. Also, I'm not recommending to use hair dryer. Boleh lagi kering ade la rambut tu. Ye ye ye, sy mengaku dulu suka sangat pakai hair dryer mama. hee. tapi skrg da xde sape pakai da. 

Em what else ya? Shampoo dah, sikat dah, ikat rambut dah. Rasanya tu je..

Okay, thank you for reading ! 

Stay tuned for another body care!

P/s: it's my own tips by the way :)