29 October 2012

#1 From Top to Toe : Top

Salam uolss!

Yeah! At last, I have time to update my blog. Why? Because I'm in mid sem break! HOORAAY! (haha. xpayah nak hooraay sgt la kan? assignment kena buat, buku kena baca)

By the way, for this time post, I want to share with all of u my "From Top to Toe"! Aha! Why? Sebab ada la beberapa mates tanya, "eh, u pakai shampoo ape eh? Nape mcm wangi?" (not the exact dialog okay!)

So, let me start from the TOP which is the shampoo that I'm currently using.

Feather Nature Plus Shampoo

Revitalises dry hair with split-ends for moisturized, perfectly weighted hair.
With a new formula upgrade, the improved Perfect Care shampoo with conditioner is the perfect blend for long lasting perfect hair. Combined with Nature Plus, a 100% natural formulation with moisturizing qualities of Avocado extract and Camellia oil from Japan, Feather’s Perfect Care shampoo deeply nourishes the hair and scalp from within. Together with the improved Feather Perfect Care treatment conditioner, you can now have perfectly weighted, easy to manage, and stronger hair. [CREDIT]

I like to consume animal-free products, frankly, it's plant-based ingredients; 100% natural ingredients. So that NO animals fat etc kn? Memang best sangat shampoo ni sbb bila pakai je WANGI tu memang semerbak! and, rambut pun ringan. Lepas tu, yang paling best, shampoo ni 2 in 1; shampoo + conditioner. So, da jimat duit kat situ. No need to buy another bottle of conditioner.

Before this, I used to consume shampoo that has so many chemical ingredients on it. But somehow, rambut gugur makin menjadi2.  Sape nak kan? My friend said that sbb shampoo tu banyak sangat bahan kimia. Then, I switched to this shampoo. Sejak dari tu, I always check ingredients on something yang mana banyak sangat chemical substance, I REJECT! I suggest to use 3-4 times shampooing. Selang seli shampoo (Isnin-Rabu-Jumaat-Sabtu or Ahad) because we as hijab women use to wear tudung everyday. Rambut tu pulak duduk dalam scarf dgn lamanya. and, please don't shampoo during morning bath sbb lepas tu nak pakai tudung nak g kelas or ofis, so, better shampoo after balik dari kelas or ofis. :)

Okay, right after shampooing, please make sure rambut uolls kering dulu baru sikat. No need to kering sangat but somehow, jangan rambut basah lagi, uolls da sikat lepas tu ikat rambut! Wah! Pantang bangat gue! Let the hair dry naturally for about 5mins lepas tu sikat la. So that xdela uolls sikat dengan air dari rambut tu terpercik sampai kat lantai kan? haha. jenis sikat tu terpulang pada masing2, ade org suka pakai sikat mcm atas ni, ade org suka pakai brush comb yg besar tu. terpulang! :)

And, don't directly tie your hair after combing it. Let the hair breath first. Ni tidak, lepas shampoo atau basuh terus ikat, kesian la rambut tu, x bernafas. Huuhee. Also, I'm not recommending to use hair dryer. Boleh lagi kering ade la rambut tu. Ye ye ye, sy mengaku dulu suka sangat pakai hair dryer mama. hee. tapi skrg da xde sape pakai da. 

Em what else ya? Shampoo dah, sikat dah, ikat rambut dah. Rasanya tu je..

Okay, thank you for reading ! 

Stay tuned for another body care!

P/s: it's my own tips by the way :)

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