06 September 2012

Officially a 3rd Year Accounting Student !

These are the true ranking for college students. And, we used to call juniors for those younger than us. Oh My English!

Freshman: First year
Sophomore: Second year
Junior: Third year
Senior: Fourth year

Ahaa! This is my junior timetable! May Allah ease the journey! :)

Subject to changes.
Dear all my colleagues, do pray for our success together! This year gonna be hectic year! Haha. As usual, each year is a very hectic year. But, this year gonna be an extraordinary year; LA, iCEPS, find the practical workplace etc etc. wuwuwu~

Renew the niat for new semester! :)


muna majidah said...

renew our niat..

insyaALLAH, mga mampu stabilkan semua komitmen yg ada

demi deen, kita bangkit bersemangat!

mar mp 86's said...

InshaAllah! pray together! :)