14 June 2015

Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera Interview


Waaahh rasanya dah lama tak berblogging ni.. Nak gilap balik this writing skill. Hehe

So, yesterday I went to Sunway College for Peneraju Professional Akauntan (PPA) interview. This is one of programmes under Yayasan Peneraju Pendidikan Bumiputera.

The registration started at 8am and I got giliran number 'C7' which I got interview room 'C'. There are 3 rooms; A, B and C.

So, while waiting to be called for interview, I have made some friends from various states. Penang, Perak, Selangor and Sarawak.

Most of them are now working and some are fresh graduates. And, out of sudden, I noticed there is USIM junior too! Haha turn out that he shared his internship experience at EY KL. Not bad meh. Seems like he enjoys his internship! Glad to hear that :)

So, my turn was at 2pm. Why so late?

Because there are some technical errors. The morning session start with 2 interview rooms only. And, the queue getting slows and not so smooth because we need to wait patiently and accordingly. 

Luckily, the organizer had provided lunch for us at 12pm! Haha that time I worried the Sunway admin will call me during lunch. So, I just decided to have my lunch since the number that time is C4! 

And, for the meantime, the second session applicants are coming in the waiting room. And, I saw these 2 ladies!

Asirah, Hazirah and me!

So, while waiting for the interview, we had been briefed regarding this PPA programme.

This PPA is really want those who are really deserve for this. Yes, to invest rakyat money is not easy. They must finalize good candidates for this purpose. 

Those must be very committed to pursue professional paper at the same time are working in Big 5 (PwC, EY, Deloitte, KPMG and BDO). It ain't easy you know!

You must be willing to sacrifice your current career (if you are the chosen one), your weekend (no more hang out, wedding!), your family (if you stay outside Selangor and KL) etc!

Yes, they are searching the very committed one and who really deserve for it. I aware about this since I have few of my friends who are currently in this programme. 

You need to go for bridging programme for 2.5 months - attend class from 8am-6.30pm, simulation class, test, go to class on Saturday while at the same time to meet tight deadline by seniors! Everything need wise time management.. 🎯🎯

So, at 2.15pm, a lady had called me to go to the interview room.

Interview session

"Hi, I'm Pn Nora from Peneraju and this is Pey Wah, Sunway rep. So please introduce yourself :)"

"How do you know about this programme?"

"We noted that you are now working as audit associate, why do you apply for this?"

"How do you equip yourself with accouting world?"

"Do your family know about this?"

"What is your strength and weaknesses?"

"Do you aware that working in Big 5 you need to work late at night? You cannot depends on commuter or LRT?"

Haha this question because I mentioned that I commute everyday from home to office by KTM.

"If you didn't get this opportunity, what is your next action?"

Hehe i think these are the questions that I can remember. 

The interview went for 20-25 minutes. Since they are searching for deserved ones, so no wonder the questions are like threating one! Haha

So, just let's wait and see if I am the chosen one or not. Frankly speaking, I don't put high hope on this. Just leave it to Him :)

Sunway TES

Sunway University

After that I went to Sunway Pyramid and treat this Cinnabon for myself!

P/s: for more info, just google Peneraju Edu and go to the website!

31 May 2015



Yess welcome back to blogging world!

My last post was in November 2012!

Haha shame on me! So, what I want to write about ya?

I think of reviewing the products that am currently using like gadgets, cosmetics and latest is my interview with a financial institution! Hee ☺️☺️

Plus, I might share recipe that I successfully enjoyed!

Yaayy thanks for reading (at least!)