17 December 2010

To be in distance for a while...

1st expression:

... doesn't mean we need to forget each other!

Whatever it is, just be strong, just bertahan! =)

It's kinda test of loyalty..

Wherever we are, keep praying to Him to decide the best faith for us!

2nd expression:

Em. just before the holiday began last 2 days, there are so many things happened around me and they had made me happy whole day..

1. Thanks to Muna for described me as INTELLIGENT, CONSCIENTIOUS, DILIGENT, ACCOMPLISHED, RESPONSIBLE, WELL-DISCIPLINED, SOPHISTICATED, LOYAL and sometimes TEMPERAMENTAL person << owh! the last one, is the -ve one.. hehe. you made me proud of you.. and made me smile for whole day.. and yeah! don't forget, our initial start with M!

2. Yaya, you made me want to cry when you hug me tightly before I went back home.. and I already advised you to drive carefully to Penang. don't drift and have a good rest before driving! and Alhamdulillah she reached her hometown safely...

3. Nad - the petite girl- don't look her with one eye! hehe. she drove me home with her Satria Neo.. haha.. lastly, I 'merasa' jugak your driving passion! kweng3..

4. last but not least, someone already asked me to "bertahan" for this whole 2 weeks holiday and .. okeyy.. kind of! take care. take care. take care. *we're in chemistry for last day of Sem 1 -thanks! =) *

5. and everyone la... don't angry ya! cheers! =)

3rd expression:

And, I really like this " when I love people, I would love them the way they're, because I also fell in love with the qualities within, not just the physical person outside.." quoted Fittya Qhaisara..

p/s: em. who is i fall in love with actually?! ayok, mar! perasan sorg2. haha!


with lots of love,
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THE OWL CITY said...


nama.aku.lynn said...

nad tu nadira ke??=)

mar mp 86 said...

aizat: haha. creative for what? anyway, thanks! :)

mar mp 86 said...

lynn: yup.. housemate awk dulu.. hehe