30 April 2011

Just met my lovers .... :)


I just met my lovers today. How happy I am~ weee...

My day today had been rejoiced by all of them... 

Do you still remember my lovers who I had told before? Naaa.. click here :)

Heee~ Happy sangat sampai speechless....

So, my 1st dating was with Miss Final Account. She has a shop; Farzana's Mart. Haha. At first, the SOFP didn't balance about RM 8,000++ . Owh. Suddenly, macam... okay. I need to leave this lover first. Don't worry dear, I will come back...

Meanwhile, walked around, I met Mr Bank Reconciliation. Yup, I need to help him in reconcile this Fudayl Computers' bank statement. ehehe. I like you la Mr! You have the figure for the bank statement balance. So that, this is a reason for me to smile till ears.. At least, I know you are 'slim' balance. Haha. *apekah?

Then, I brought along Mr Bank Reconciliation to meet my other lovers, Mr Ratio the Faris. *erk. or  itshould be Mr Faris the Ratio?*  Haha. Luckily, my sifu, Puan Halizah had told me before this the correct way to calculate the LOVE ratios.. So that I will get the TRUE love.. Current ratio, ROA, ROE, Inventory turnover and GPM.. 

Next, after done with them, I met Profit & Loss Appropriation Account - Insyirah, Irdina and Isma. Yeah.. They are so profitable especially Insyirah.. Heee~ 

Then, I bought new motor vehicle for Mr Depreciation. Hehe. How smart he is when he is driving! :) As usual, the vehicle still depreciate every year. So, I need to calculate the provision for depreciation. Yup! Step of aware~ 

Okay2. Last but not least, I met Miss Suspense Account suspiciously. owh.. She always made me 'suspense'! With her overcasting, forgot to debit or credit and also, debit or credit twice! Aish... Suspense! hehe..

Ups! I forgot that my first dating with Miss Final account didn't complete yet. Not perfect without her balance hugs! Erkh.. Okay, so, check punya check.. I overlooked the freehold premises and investment in Unit Trust she has! Sorry... That's why la she doesn't want to hug me... :( Em. Then, I promised to her that I will record it into her.. Huhu. She was so happy with my promises... Then., I calculate eagerly to get her HUG! uuuu~ When I want to press '=' button, I closed my eyes tightly. Yup. takut Miss Final Account marah.. At last, BALANCE!!! wee~ I got the hug!! hehehehe

Okay. That's all my dating with them. Yup. Have a date with them about 3 hours made me want to sleep earlier today.. Banyak sangat berfikir.. Next week ada 2 papers..

P/s: i. The war zone just met its end line~ :)
ii. Sorry.. ayat berterabur.. hoho. penat sangat~

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