26 May 2011

It's not easy to be in the production crew !

Good evening, awesome peeps! :)

Yeah. As I've told before, I am in short semester now.

So, in the ELSP, we had been assigned to shoot a folklore-story.

As the traditional way, we need to build up the production crew itself first. To assign a director is easy for us. But for the director himself, it is a burden or maybe, other way around, he likes the task because he enjoys doing it. Who knows?

Em. Frankly speaking, to be in the script writing board is not easy or other word, challenging! Anyway, human love challenges, right? ;)

The plot, actors, location and the vital one, script had been put us in a burden. Even it looks like 'petik jari je, keluar la idea'. Owh.. No3, please correct the statement! We need to brainstorm it together.

And, one more I learnt here, cooperation is the keyword for everything. As we all know, sometimes our idea maybe not so interesting to put it into. But, the brainstorming activity has brought out all ideas from each all of us to give such an interesting plot of story! And, it took three hours to discuss this!

Luckily, the duration of the story takes about 15-20 minutes. If it takes 2 hours, maybe, the meeting will be 24 hours! haha. melampau la tu kan? Kalah AGM! hehe

Okay, after the storyline had been completed, we had segregated the duty among each other to write the script. So, from this task, we need to get vivid, clear idea of the whole plot - from the beginning, climax, till the ending. If not, it would not be tallied each other.

Hopefully, our, Group 44's story is different and unique from others story! hehe.

That's all for today's update. Good night!

P/s: 1. Em. Can you imagine how KRU Production and others brainstorming theirs to get the idea? hah! Berjam2 la meeting!
2. Anyway, what is our production name actually? 44 Underground Production?


Ateey said...

lame2 ana dah tak boleh bace dah blog nti ni..

takpaham pape da..


fynazsya said...

what story masuk panggung wyg ni?

mar mp 86's said...

ateey: ala... jangan la xbaca.. sdey.. baca tau? tau? heheh.. :)

mar mp 86's said...

fynazsya: haha.. just wait and see! pecah panggung! box office~ hehe