27 May 2011

Food Enthusiast

Have a good eating-style, guys!

Em. Since we have our own stove, now, many 'chefs' around me want to show their capability in cooking. Yeah3, they are so diligent to cook especially Kak G! *da macam mak orang*

So, the victim is ME! :p Why? Because I need to taste 'em all! Haha. *alasan je!*

Here is the menu:

Monday: Penang Fried Rice (by: Chef Safura)
Tuesday: Stove OFF. Out to pasar malam. Hee. Just a treat for us to break fast. :)
Wednesday: N. Sembilan Sambal Egg (by: Chef Mardhiah. *ups!)
Thursday: Italian Pizza, N. Sembilan Lemon Squid, Perakian Sardine. Special menu for break-fasting. (by: Chef Tirah, Mardhiah, Kak G respectively)
Friday: Penang Cucur, Italian Pizza *again*, Penang Fish Curry, Johore Sambal Ketuk, Kelantan Pulut Hitam Porridge (by: Chef Safura, Mardhiah& Tirah, Safura & Kak G, Intan, Atiyah respectively) 

Sedap kan? Delicious kan? Heheh. Soooorrryyy.. No pictures available..

Next week, like wanna call Chef Ratna to cook her recipe. Aha! Nasi Beriani & Sweet Sour Cake if I'm not mistaken! haha.

P/s: i. When we met our friends, many of them said, "badan mcm da naik!" OMG! Gemuuukkksss kah?
ii. Seriously, I must control my diet now. AND, start the exercise! Tirah, Pura, Asma', when we want to start jogging? :)
iii. But, currently, I'm so RAJIN to search new recipe to try on! Yesterday, I just got a recipe - Secret Recipe's Chocolate Indulgence. So, no more a secret! Haha. Boleh try!
iv. Anyway, for tonight's dinner, the stove will OFF again. They want to try satay. Now, I'm at my HOME. Just ate burger. My mom's treat. =.=' *haish. gemuk lg la...*


Arrharatnasari Kachong Ma'arof said...

we call it hawflakes cake la dear..;)

mar mp 86's said...

yup. hawflakes cake! hehe.

fynazsya said...

agaknya kalo aku ade situ mesti kne masak asam pedas! hahahaa

mar mp 86's said...

hahaha. ha ah.. ktorg pasni nak try buat asam pedas plak lepas ni.. nak ajar tak, chef pnaz? =p