02 May 2011

When nightmare comes around...


Nightmare is still nightmare.

When you study at late night or people said "burning the midnight oil" until forget to have enough sleep, then, suddenly you fall asleep in front of the book. The books still on that page, the cap of highlighter still at the tip.

Then, a nightmare comes around. And, this is not the first time you have the same nightmare. Maybe for the third time. But, for this time, it was the continuation of the previous nightmares...

Erkh. Then you woke up, because afraid of to continue for the next climax or whatsoever~

After that, you closed the books. Can't read anymore for the next letters, can't highlight the next important keypoints..

Aaaa... Then, you just realised nightmare is just a GAME! Yup. A GAME of SLEEPING.


P/s: Ada gaya cerita twilight tak?
2. Lain kali tidur elok2 la. Nak tidur, tidur je. Tak payah nak tahan mata da.. hesy~ :(


~cik atin~ said...

de gaye da 2..lpas ni leh la jd book writer lak...he6

mar mp 86's said...

heheh. nak baca buku je.. :)