07 May 2011

Teasing your brain ~

These 'bugs' seem to be moving, but this is actually a static image. Note that whenever you focus on a particular 'bug,' it seems to stop moving.

This image by Shigeo Fukuda is a lovely essay in balance and contrast. Where do you think one set of legs ends, and the other begins?

This image shows the brain's tendency to "fill in" negative space with shapes. Do you see a series of white circles between the black crosses? In reality, they don't exist.

Try moving your mouse pointer down across this image, following the pointer closely with your eyes. You should see a rippling effect moving through the picture -- even though it's a completely static image!

Want more? Click this 

P/s: 1. Yeah. Since I woke up so early this morning, I give my brain these games to play with. NICEEEE!!!! :)

2. I found these when walked around at YAHOO! after signed out from my email account.

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