16 May 2011

Speechless .... :)


Rasa macam nak update blog..

Tapi tak tau nak update apa..

Memang banyak story nak story-mory..

But, I can't describe those in this bloggie.. :(

Anyway, overall, I have my dayssss with hectic, energetic, happy 'meal' - spaghetti meal, and everythingg!!. :)


Owh ya! I wanna wish :

1. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my lil sis; Nabihah! Adik, da 2 angka~ 10 tahun da.. Love you so much.. Jangan nakal2 da.. Kak Yah tau adik baca bloggie ni.. With hugs of love <3

2. HAPPY BIRTHDAY to my friend, Siti Safura.. Okay. You too!! Angka 2 kat depan.. No more -teen- Haha. We celebrated today with our own way - surprise, ate spaghetti carbonara :)

3. HAPPY TEACHER'S DAY to all my teachers, lecturers who had done great job in making what I am today.. :) Thank you! <3

OKAY. done ! I'm satisfied already.. 

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