08 June 2011

8 JUNE 2011 :)

Salam and gooodddd evening, guys! :)

Em. Nak story dari permulaan hari ke? Haha. mcm nak..

Once upon a time.. there is a girl at the subway.. *erk.. we start again.

Okay. It's begin at 12am 8 June 2011.

I've meeting with the production crew yesterday. It lasted about 11.30pm. And, Ratna and me were starving. We craving for food and drinks. Luckily, there was still a stall operated at that time at KK1.

Lepak punya lepak, until 2am. Yup. Ratna was the first who wishing me birthday. Terharu. Meanwhile, I'm thinking of others to follow. But, sad. No one. The one that I think should do so, is not. :(

Okay. Lastly, redha jela. Sleep. Ready to face tomorrow. Maybe they will do so in the morning.

9am 8 June 2011

While waiting for ustaz, we were waiting outside of the class. At the same time, I'm thinking of why they didn't wish me? Okay. fine. Semua tak ingat. Faham. I'm ordinary. :( *ecece. ayat nak sedih aje*

Lalalala. Then, menjalani hidup macam biasa. Mcm xd pape. But, with smiles at the lips.. :)

Em, aqidah class today is so happening! haha. Ringkas dan padat. Semua orang present mantap2.

Then, we headed to FSU to have Fiqh class. Owh. Still no response from them. Sad but still happy. *amacam, pandai tak cover? haha* yela.. happy jugak sbb still dapat wish kat handphone. hehe

During Fiqh pun best! I learnt something new. Eclipse prayer. :) hoho

Then, it comes. 12pm 8 June 2011

Suddenly our class rep, Azam called for an ad-hoc meeting. He said between girls and boys in BMB 2, there are unsatisfied problems. Wallaweyh! I thought it settled already loooonnnggg times ago!

Then, I can smell a prank. Owh. ya! They wanna prank me..

But, somehow, I thought, it's not. It's serious matter, then. Okay fine. They totally forgot! :(

Suddenly, Azam put blame on me. Haish. Habis dia bocorkan rahsia. Shame on me. *blushing*

Marah punya marah, orang sedih la kan? I'm such the one that tak boleh kena marah. Nanti cepat sangat berlaku pengairan Sungai Nil. Haha.

Dengan tak sehat nya lagi, they tortured me more. Malas la nak layan. Keluar la cm ni. Haish. Benci2. Tak suka nanges2 part ni. Lepas tu masuk la balik, Suha pujuk kan.. :)

Then, suddenly, I heard......


Aaaaa.... Gila punya kerja! Tidaaaaakkkk! Benci2. Aini!!!! *She sat beside me and gave me some tissue. haha*

Da agak da tadi. But, somehow, Azam's seriousness made the situation of war become more worst la!

Okay. Then, wish2 la jgak. bagi ucapan sikit. Nak dengar 'luahan hati' yang sebenar kan? Ambik la.. Haha.

Actually, this prank is for those who was born in June; me, Anna (4th June), Aina (14th June), and Sam (25th June)

Aaaa.. Habis sudah. Makan2 kek semua.

Then, come the wishes. Thank you! Toche. Syukran. I like it! I will remember till the ends. :)

Anyway, korek punya korek rahsia, the main mastermind is Athirah! whoa. She already planned it with Safura a week ago! Helped by Azam and Suha, the class rreps. SMART Plan! :p OMG! Rahsia eh? Sabar jela. And, they asked all of my classmates, housemates not to wish me on 12am 8 June, the time that I'm waiting for! =.='

P/s: Siapa yang patut bagi hadiah tu, cepat! Nak!

Here is the cake. Secret Recipe's Chocolate Strawberry.

Happy face at all. Thanks tau! :)

Owh. Pening2. haha.

We enjoyed eating the cake till the end! :)


I <3 BMB 2 ! 


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