24 June 2011

Run as quick as 'Road'runner..

Yeah2. I know all of you are waiting for my latest post long times ago..

Naaa.. This is sincere from me.

I have being a 'road'runner of  'Pertandingan Debat Bahasa Arab antara Sekolah Menengah Peringkat Kebangsaan kali ke-4 2011' for 5 days! Yup. 5 days at all. *ponteng kelas*

Okay2. Before that, do you know what is runner?

Runner is like urusetia. Take good care of participants, jaga bilik persidangan, jaga masa etc.

Em. I had been assigned to take care of Naim Lilbanat's participants.. Alhamdulillah. They're so sporting. :)

So, this program started on 17th June 2011 (Friday) and ended on 21st June 2011 (Tuesday)

The 1st day began with participants' registration at Kolej Kediaman Sutera Indah in day and ended with briefing at campus at night.

Since every runner is responsible to take care his/her adopted school, mine didn't appear till the night. I'm very worried. Are they tarik diri? Never mind, maybe they are still in the journey. My friends said, "Maybe they just want to stay relax and cool. Don't want to feel nervous. Haha"

At last, on the 2nd day, the girls just appeared themselves. Alhamdulillah. Feel lega! hehe. I'm searching for them like those who searching for someone at airport; holding a tag 'Naim Lilbanat'. ;)

 1st day: Briefing for participants at campus

 Naim Lilbanat vs SAM Hulu Langat for 2nd times

Runners are waiting for the participants to come to them to go to Bilik Persidangan. ;)


Alhamdulillah. I'm very enjoyed with the task given! Next time, if there are still the same persons for the AJK Koordinator, I'll join it again. hehe.

Being 5 days with the girls, made me felt sad to left them. They too! :'( Shafiqa, Nabila, Aqilah and Sakinah. They are so fluent in debating in Arabic. God willing, we'll meet again. Naim Lilbanat just near Kota Bharu. hehe.

Anyway, a big congratulations to SMKA Al-Irsyad for being the winner for this competition. Good job y'all! Besta for every debaters is the best ever present for them, maybe! :)

I think that's all from me. I want to complete the assignment. bye!

P/s: 1. Yeah. Now, I'm truly believe that past experience as runner of last VC Debate Championship really taught me on how to be a good runner.
2. Ustaz from Naim Lilbanat said I'm like 'road'runner. Very tangkas in serving them. Yup. The ustazs too are so sporting! 

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