12 January 2011

Selfish or selfless?

[selfish or selfless?]

When we are in a community it is means we need to be incorporated way;  formed or united into a whole.

Don't try to be a selfish - holding one’s self-interest as the standard for decision making in a group. Think about others. They have their opinion, let them give theirs too. Then, consider which decision, idea that can satisfy both parties. And, in this situation, because of our self-interest, we don't consider about others' feeling. 

Selfless - unselfish concern for the welfare of others. Yeah. It's good. We don't mind whatever decision that have been decided. But, my dear, sometimes it's hurt when you are in pretending to do so. Please. Do it sincerely as you can. And, when we are in a community, the way of just let someone decide the best decision for us, can be hurt and not. Just accept the faith. 

So, which way you like when you are in this situation? Selfish or Selfless? Think about it!


P/s: Sometimes we need to think about others' feeling more than we think about ours... but, who will think about ours, then? Answer: Give and take!

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