31 January 2011

updating @ KLIA


Gggrr,, Shivering with 26 degree celcius..

for the 1st time, update at KLIA while waiting for the flight..

Currently, I am updating myself with current situations; riots at Egypt, heavy rainfall since yesterday

1. em. in the early morning, I received a message that situation at Egypt become more worse..

yeah. really2 worried. with the curfew, riots everywhere.. and Egyptian authorities blocked all communication lines, including denying internet access to 80 million people across the country and blocking text messages and mobile services.. 

that's why la many of my friends da lame x online kt fb tu. hope when the situation there is getting better and they can access the internet back, they will tell us what happen there actually...

and really hope that my friends there are in safe situation..

2. yesterday, with heavy rainfall, we went to a wedding reception at kajang - my cousin's wedding. and, i really buat2 lupa, that I have a 'disease' which is when i kena hujan, i will get headache and my nose will get sneezing all day.. 

so, when i woke up this morning to perform subuh, haaashhum! omg! i know the disease already come.. aaa. shivering with the cold water lg.. after subuh ingat nak rest2 je, sekali terlelap.. sebab rasa kepala berat kot.. but, with all courage that I have, bangun jgak la kan.. nak breakfast.. siap2kan beg.. hoho..

and, this morning too, i just received a message from our Pengarah Program Lawatan Industri for 1st year Account Students that our work paper already certified! yeay! and that's means we need to work back after this holiday end.. go for the next stage! hoho..

pray all the best for us! hope everything will run smoothly..

okay, need to have lunch.. *em, nak makan kat mana eh?

p/s: 1. for the 1st time again, my flight will be on night! dapat la tengok awan malam.. ratna said, "it's romantic!" haha..
2. it's still running! i mean my nose.. runny nose.. with red-itchy lg.. like clown kot!  =( tak nak demam! ubat tak bawa..

3. this post, kinda of updating myself yg tak sudah2.. hahaha..
4. while online here, shuz said she just arrived from US about 15mins ago.. arrive hall level 3, departure hall level 5.. ala, keciknye KLIA ni.. ehehe.

cheers! =) happy holiday


~H.u.r a.L 'a.i.N~ said...

sama2 la kita doakan sahabat2 kita di mesir..

nama.aku.lynn said...

pulang ke sabah bsama ratna kah anda?wow!best!;p

little daie said...

syafakillah mar...

elok2 di sana^_^

mar mp 86's said...

yati: yup! moga mereka selamat disana.. =)

mar mp 86's said...

lynn: eh. tada2.. *ecece. bajet ckp sabah.. haha* tak ikut ratna pun, g tempat lain.. ehehe

mar mp 86's said...

nad: syukran! =) em. insyaAllah.. kamu juga akak.. ^_^