22 January 2011

By Time

In the name of Allah the Most gracious and Most Merciful
1. By Al-'Asr (the time).
2. Verily! Man is in loss,
Salam. I already left my blog readers with no recent post for about a week. Pity on you. hehe. Okay2. This is update news that had happened around me. Jeng3... (suspense)

It is already stated in Noble Al-Quran in Surah Al-Asr. Allah already vowed with time. Didn't you consider it as the most important equity in your daily life? 

Without time, you might face your life as 'casually' (sambil lewa) as you want. And people might considered you as least responsible person and this bad habit can lead to a bad future. 

What did I mean by "bad future'? Let's say, when you are in career field soon, or in the nearest time - industrial attachment, you are needed to meet client as what your task need to. And, because you forgot to set your alarm clock to wake up in the morning or forgot about the appointment, the 1st impression of your client towards you will be bad. They will perceive you as a person who don't appreciate time wisely.

And, what made myself felt sad is he/she appeared an hour later. OMG! This is really terrible. At that time, I would feel moody or not interested anymore on that meeting. Or, if I don't think this appointment is such important, maybe I just go back home rather than waiting. 

Why not you look for Japanese style? They will appear 10-15 minutes early in a meeting. And what made I really proud is, the boss himself/herself comes early than his/her employee. They show good examples towards his/her subordinates. 

Em. In the future, maybe, I will set time of appointment an hour early than the exact meeting. Do you get me? Okay2. Let me explain. If the exact time of meeting is at 9 am, I will ask them to come at 8 am (assume that they don't know the exact time). And, I know, there must be certain people who will appear at 9 am or 10 minutes later.. ngeh3.. (hahaha. mcm jahat kan? tapi itulah hakikatnye)

Anyway, I always remind myself to be punctual as possible as I can. If not, I will SMS or call those who I need to have meeting with and tell them what is happened to me. So, please guys, do the same. Don't let people waiting for you like kera mahukan bunga (ahaha. Is it right? ). And, please, please, please, say SORRY if you are late.

Please remember, TIME IS SO PRECIOUS. It can't turn back. I hope you get the message here!

Okay, it's already 2.44 am, I need to pen off. Wanna sleep! Em. I don't have any meeting for this weekend! yeay! Let's have rest! =)


1. Currently, I'm working on proposal paper of industrial visit. It need to be approved by PIC next week.
2. And, I am in toothache for about a week already. I just made an appointment with dentist at HEP last tuesday and my turn will be on early march.. owhh! very sad.. until when i need to bertahan =( ?

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