23 January 2011


[i really mean it.... =(]


to those who i hurt you guys..

i have my reasons why i kept  messing you up, keep you in moody, not comfortable with me like i am a stranger and many more..

don't keep it silence because it doesn't solve the matter.

because i am a human, i have feelings too. sometimes i just left behind when you hurt me. i don't want to make situations become worst.

please tell me the truth.

whatever it is, I am trying and trying to be a good friend, daughter, girl even sometimes i messed up with crazy manner..

em. as what i know, girls have 99% of feeling and 1% of mind. that's why girls are kept thinking about others-friends and people around her..

okay, my dear. cheer up your day!

SMILE... =)

p/s: my teeth getting more hurt! i can't sleep yesterday..

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