05 January 2011

Ahaha! Hot issue in English class today!

"Women should stop working after marriage. Do you agree?"

Haha! That was HOT issue that had been discussed in my English class today!

As Miss Shuhada expected the guys to agree with this issue and vice versa for the girls, there are some boys who are disagree with that and vice versa..

Many points can be listed from this issue.

For those who are agree, they (boys, especially) told that:

1. They afraid that women will dominate their marriage. From what I've understood, they're expecting that their spouse will get good job and high salary than them, maybe. And, it will make the wife to 'ungkit2' that she is the one who support their family.

2. Women are expecting to take care of their family. If not, who will be? And it will encourage more social ills among their children in the future if there are no proper, enough care from the parents.

3.They will get envy or jealous when their spouse will expose to work surrounding in the future. Factors of male officemates, bosses, need to work oversea had affected the guys to think like that.

4. For women who can't work in the future, they can apply what they've learn at university to their family. For instance, a doctor (refer to this case) can treat their children at home, an accountant can help to manage her family financial management etc..

For those who are disagree, they have their opinions too as followed:

1. To fulfil their desire and of course, want to lighten their husband's burden.. And it should be to be a good wife!

2. To contribute to the country especially for those who had received scholarship from any institution..

3. To reduce unemployment! [haha. I like this point.. I knew we're FEM students!]

Okay. That's what I can list here. There are so many points actually..

My friend gave her opinion that we should discuss this thing early before enter the marriage world. Who knows that he will not allow you to work in the future and it's like you have choose the wrong partner! Aiya.. Susah jgak tu.. Discuss elok2 la ye.. It's small matter that should not get it more bigger.

And, sorry guys because I can't give my opinions in the class just now. Kinda of dizzy this morning. But I like this discussion! hehe. Okay. And this is my opinion..

I agree. and if you are so eager to work, why not you try to work at home, have online business etc. Apply what we've learnt. Ow. Kalau nak kerja sangat, kerja dulu for 5-6 years, then kahwin la.. After that, maybe you will feel that working is so boring, tired. You want to give full attention to your marriage and whatsoever.

And maybe I had adapted to my mom's situation who is housewife for 10 years and our life are so happy now.. Before this, my mom worked as a teacher. And she looked tired after go back from school at 7pm and she needed to cook, did so many housechores and we, my siblings still young at that time and we could not help her so much.. Budak2 kan, mana reti lagi.. hehe

So, whatever your opinions are, think about it, twice or thrice!

That's all! Adios..

P/s: 1. During lunch just now, we still can discuss about this.. Aiyaa.. So hot maaa..

2. Haha. My classmate (a guy) had declared just now that, "Who want to marry me, you should stop working!" haha... So funny.. Many reactions can be seen among us..

3. What is your opinion?


Ate3_y said...

mestila xagree..

mar mp 86's said...

haha. tkah! u should! dala belajar berapa tahun nak jadi doctor.. eh. btol kn ambik medic? haha.. i know u kt kyuem je.. ngeh3

miss s.e.r.e.n.i.t.y said...


u already know my reasons kan?

mar mp 86's said...

haha.. yeah.. anyway,, kte pun xberapa sure sgt ngn opinion kte ni.. tngu la 10 thn lagi.. people's mind are changing right? =p

GrEeN CrYsTaL said...

haha...still in conversation ea...sudh la..biar la msa yg mnentukn...^_^

mar mp 86's said...

hahaha.. iqmal diam je mase dalam kelas hr tu.. xdga pun agree ke disagree.. ngeh3..

GrEeN CrYsTaL said...

Ala, ari 2 nk ckp disagree tp fazlie n eman beria2 sgt nk agree..so diam je la..hehe...