02 February 2011

Speak good or remain silent?

The Prophet (saw) said: “Man kaana yu’minu billahi wal yawmil aakhiri fal yaqul khairan aw liyasmut – Whoever believes in Allah (swt) and the Last Day should speak good or remain silent.” (Hadis Riwayah Bukhari-Muslim)


Last week, if I'm not mistaken it was on Monday, there was a tazkirah slot before zuhur prayer at surau FEM. Yeah, kinda of missing the moment of tazkirah session at my school. Giving and listening to tazkirah made us to remind the small things, especially in our daily routine. It is better for us to correct or perfect our amal first before you correct others. Right?

Ehehe. Okay, actually the hadith stated above is related to our daily life. Let me give you some situations - which you and me, maybe have experienced.

1. When you are talking or discussing with someone, suddenly, the person who you talked with is like to fight or argue with you. And you are trying to argue with him/her back because you know the point there. Unfortunately, because he/she has good, better, best skill of speaking, you lost the words you want to said. So, you remain silent till the end. Let him/her continue with his/her passion. Also, you didn't want to hurt their heart because you know the effects then! Keep being attacked '^_^

2. Your friends are slandering someone. And, you hesitated to join them because you know what the purpose is. Ehehe. And, don't you remind them that their action is out of purpose? Gossiping and talk bad about people is worst than zina. My ustaz said so. ^_^

3. When you are in a class and the lecturer don't come yet, you see a group of students who are laughing and made some noise in the class. Do you pretend that you do not see anything or tegur them in a nonchalantly way? Or, you join them because you are so bored of waiting?! Ahaha. 

Anyhow, whatever situation you have been, it is better for us to be silent and speak as little as possible. Because sometimes your words are more hurt than sword itself! ouch! And, a nasyid lyrics from Inteam said so, 

Terlajak perahu masih boleh diundur lagi 
Terlajak kata hilang percaya 
Hilang percaya...

See! Maybe your colleague can't trust anymore on your words! Keep saying vain speech or rubbish talk! uish! I hope that I am out of this group. ^_^

Whatever it is, keep upgrade yourself towards a better person! 

Renung-renungkan dan selamat beramal! ^_^

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