10 February 2011

February - the busy month?


Oyeah! We meet again here! =)

[River Kwai Bridge, Kanchanaburi, Thailand]

Em. Right now, after almost two months I've been in the 2nd semester, the lecturers already gave many assignments to fulfill the coursework. As usual, the assignments are in individual and group work.

Okay, let me list down here with some description. Who knows, you also need to do the same! Just a kind of reminder. hehe

1. English 

- I need to prepare CV + Application Letter to attend for the job interview soon! Luckily, I still save the CV format I've used during tamhidi. hehe. =) 
- Market Survey > This should be done in group. My colleagues are Fazlie, Fahmi and Shafiqah. We didn't decide yet what type of goods or service we want to survey about!

2. Muamalat

- Writing a journal. Sir Zaidi asked us to find a journal about HR management and do comment about it. Status: is searching for! =)
- Plan a business plan! haha. We will do this again! Credit to Madam Linda because she had taught us how to write BP during tamhidi. My team members are Halimah, Athirah, Safura, Ana and Salmeh. What we've plan before is we want to open a bakery shop! D'Lala~ haha.

3. Arabic

- Writing a research proposal @ خطة البحث. Em. Looks like a researcher~ haha. But, I didn't decide yet what title or issue I want to write research about. My dear friend, Safura suggested me to do about 'Kahwin 4'! OMG! I am taking my dinner at that time and she made me choking! Fura, please give this title to the suitable person that available at BMB 2 right now! =p

4. Da'wah

We need to do a presentation about ميادين الدعوة الاسلامية . No comment. Want to have a look first - how first group will present theirs. hehe. Athirah, Nadhirah and me will present together again. 

Soon, economics and accounting assignment will be assigned. Owh. I hope that these four assignments will be completed before the due date. One point to note here, please respect time.

And, when we talked about group assignment, it means we need to find suitable time to discuss together. Em. It's not easy, guys! Everyone has their own commitment, sometimes. Anyway, by hook or by crook we still need to find time to discuss. If not, the work will not complete.

Bofore I pen off, I want to share with you an inspirational quote

' One of things that can't be recycled is time ' - Sean Covey

Okay. That's all! 

Wassalam. =)

p/s: Is the title related to the post? em. maybe! haha

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