02 October 2009

i'm afraid


why i'm afraid?

1. MUET speaking next week! 7.30am on 6th oct.

2. next week will be a lot of test! ICT, micro and account

3. next2 week will be arabic test 12-14th oct and due date of ICT assignment

4. study week! 12-18 oct (tym uh kene perah otak gle2.. xleh main2..)

5. final exam! 19-30 oct (lepas uh habis sem1. cuti sebulan lak.. xsbr uh..hoho)

5. ryte now, i'm afraid to stay in my room if i'm going back hostel early. because i'll think a lot about my future and about sumtin yang pelik2 and bla3! (sumtym suicide! astaghfirullah!). so, after class, i like to stay in my friend's room for a while or i'll play my Al-quran or nasyid playlist loudly to calm my heart feeling yg tahpape..huhu

anyway.. to get my happy and cheers feeling back.. i'll...

go back home next week! ( this week i cant because the load of test la..sob3..tp tgk kt blog g8 esok ad jamuan raye kt skola..cm best je..nway, kuatkan semangat mar! future+parents) and my group will visit my home for hari raya after successfully puase 6 ramai2 this week(god willing)! hehe

p/s: my sleeping condition ryte now unstable.. after subuh mesti tdo balik ow.. yela..sbb sahur.terikut tym sahur tym ramadan dulu..salu tdo after sahur..huhu. then, bleh2 je sambil study uh ttdo ats meja..sedar2 je tros kemas buku n gosok baju pas uh tdo balik..adoyai..patutnye da segar la tp katil memanggil2..hehe.. k2. kepada yang mebace, wish me goodluck exam!


Remy said...

pape pn..smoga berjaya la ye..

marushmp said...

tq..nway,bru j hbs speaking td..uniten xd muet ke?