14 March 2010

vice chancellor cup debate championship


finally the debate competition has ended..
and we won the english category..
i'm proudly show you some scenery at debate room and yesterday prize-giving ceremony by VC

let me tell you our journey debate from 5-7 and 13 march.. hm..

5th march: registering and briefing session at nilam court.. we (ratna, fawwaz, fazlie and me) will debate for 5 rounds on 6-7 march. our team was TAMHIDI B

6th march:
1st round debate: TAMHIDI B vs FEM B - tamhidi B won

2nd round debate: TAMHIDI B vs FSU B - FSU B won

3rd round debate: TAMHIDI B vs FKP - tamhidi B won

** actually i want to write the motion, but i forgot the full motion.. hehe..

7th march:
4th round debate: TAMHIDI B vs FEM A - tamhidi B won (public healthcare should cover illegal immigrants)

5th round: TAMHIDI A vs TAMHIDI B - tamhidi B won (support iran's nuclear weapon)

so, with this result, we were qualified to enter quarter final 0n 13th march...

13th march:
quarter: TAMHIDI B vs TAMHIDI A - tamhidi B won (monarchy has no place in modern malaysia)

semi-final: TAMHIDI B vs FEM A - tamhidi B won (use genetically-modified food to feed impoverished countries)

final: FSU A vs TAMHIDI B - tamhidi B won (cap the salaries of CEO's salaries of giant corp)

enjoy these pictures!!

1st winner plaque

scene in debate room

received cup from VC

tamhidi B team: ratna, me, fazlie n fawwaz

our mentor: kak anis and kak izzati


Ice-Stop! Company said...

mar pinjam gambar nak masuk blog...tq!=)

azni_1405 said...

uit,,cogret keyh.huhu
mcm wangi je ea bau2 dak2 tamhidi nih..dah ada org wakil sampai menang.

NUR JANNAH said...

congrat..ya ukhti