31 December 2011

Here's to 2011 :)

Here’s to 2011:

The year where friends became strangers and strangers became friends. 
Where lovers became haters and haters became lovers. 
The year where mistakes were made and lessons were learnt.
Where stories were shared and memories were created. 
Where people hit rock bottom and where people raised back up.

Here’s to 2011: the drama, the fights, the memories, the laughter, the tears, and the craziness.
Bring on 2012!


Naa! Several hours more before we step to 2012. Ready or not? We can't do anything. :) Hope for a good year ahead, then. May Allah bless us, give more prosperity and most important, health. 

Okay. This is my last post before I leave 2011. And, know what, the next and 1st post for 2012 will be after my 3rd semester exam. Hehe. Hope that we can do it. InsyaAllah. *me are struggling to study now*

MAA3013SISTEM MAKLUMAT PERAKAUNANKMB03/01/20129:00AM3 jam 0 minit

LAA1042USUL FIQH IKMB04/01/20129:00AM2 jam 0 minit

LAA1022TARIKH AL-TASHRI'KMB05/01/20122:30PM3 jam 0 minit

MDB2023MATEMATIK PERNIAGAANKMB06/01/20123:00PM3 jam 0 minit

MAB1023PERAKAUNAN PERTENGAHAN IKMB09/01/20122:30PM3 jam 0 minit

MAC2013PERAKAUNAN KOSKMB11/01/20129:00AM3 jam 0 minit

MGA3013KELAKUAN ORGANISASIKMB13/01/20123:00PM3 jam 0 minit
MHB4033UNDANG-UNDANG KOMERSANKMB20/01/20129:00AM3 jam 0 minit
*see! all papers are 3 hours in duration except usul fiqh.

That's all. bye 2011. Hi 2012!

P/s: Actually, banyak lagi nak type, tapi da xsempat kan. Ada banyak lagi kerja nak buat. Assalamualaikum.  ^__^

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