26 June 2012

Demam exam sudah reda..

Salam uollss! (haha. macam la ramai sangat pembaca blog ni kan..)

Phew.. da lama tak post kat sini! sangatla rindu untuk menaip laju-laju. hehe.

Alhamdulillah, I just finished my final exam yesterday. It began with Akhlak on 11th June and ended with Malaysian Taxation and Zakat Administration on 25th June 2012.

Yup. 3 weeks at all! memang la sangat tercungap-cungap on the second week! with Audit, Control Acc, Statistic and FM in a row! tak bernafas yaw! haha. mana taknye kena hafal formula2. lepas tu, keluar2 stadium je, jalan longlai. kepala da berpusing. (hiperbola melampau btol ni!)

whatever it is, I just can say that I have did my best (and beat the rest!), tawakkal at all and now, keep du'a so that our lecturers' mood and condition are stable.. :)

by the way, can u see any changes in my blog?! yup. tahniah if you can see any differences! if not, ehem3. sendiri mau tahu la.. ngeh3..

that's all. after this, i'm gonna post something that is very special! wait ya! ;)

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