19 March 2009

my recent weekend:: part 2

sunday, 15th march 2009

i went to "how to be interviewed" by Dr Azma Mahmood..
overall i got from this prog was i know the tactic of interviewee. hee. they always like to stress out the interviewer.. the FQ is "why u want to choose this course? i think you better opt other course"
huh. really need our patience to go thru out of this. if not, scholarship will not belong to us! huhu.
besides, i was really sorry to my classmate who can't go to this prog.. it was once in life..(for me. dont know bout u!).

a credit to 'awatif, syera, huda, syifa, khadijah, fattah n rahimi for coming to the event!

ok. thats all. a compliment to Kak MJ for booking Dr. Azma early..^.^

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