09 August 2009

pendrive ENVO

:: my pendrive ENVO::

Do you often lose your USB Drive cap? Then this may be something that will give you a peace of mind for good...

PenDrive is proud to introduce the all new PenDrive Envo. “Envo” which derives from the word “En-vogue” means in-fashion. This tiny little USB drive is not only small, but it also comes with a cool sliding cap. More than that, the roundish back loop has a light that luminates when data is being transferred. The product also comes with a unique packaging, allowing you to re-use it however you want...

Want to have a desktop stationary organizer? How about a flower pot? Truly, the only limitation to the use of the packaging is your imagination... The possibilites are truly endless!

Cool isn't it?


heehee. why i wrote about this? Because today is 9th August 2009; the 2nd anniversary of this tiny, little hot gadget. i had received it from my buddy. Best buddy! huhu. even though it was 1GB i still want to use it until end of my life (phew! is it right?). anyway, for "M", thanks a lot for it. loves it so much! i always avoid viruses to come into it as you told. huhu

** just to suggest to M, why not you replace and increase it to 4GB, 8GB or 16GB??

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